After Lying To Declare He’s Not A Racist, Trump Signals He Will Pardon Racist Sheriff Joe (Video)

Donald Trump gave his big rally speech Tuesday night in Pheonix. It was the usual circus and rabble rousing that Trump has become known for. At one point, The POTUS gave what some might call a “highly inaccurate” description of his three responses to Charleston. After that, Trump decided it would be smart to “announce” that Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is described as a “loud racist” who was convicted of ignoring a court order to stop racially profiling people in his jurisdiction — to get a full pardon.

Trump asked the crowd if they “liked Sheriff Joe?” — before announcing his plans after soaking some applause and praise from his flock:

“So, was Sheriff Joe convicted for doing his job?” Trump asked the crowd before assuring his base “I’ll make a prediction, I think he’s going to be just fine” indicating he would get a pardon that had been reported as being “considered.” Trump then went further in telling the crowd that he wouldn’t “do it tonight because I don’t want to cause any controversy. But Sheriff Joe can feel good.” 

Trump then went on to string together a bunch of scary words like “drugs, gangs, cartels and MS13” to rile everyone up a little more.

Check out the full clip of Trump pretty much promising Sheriff Joe will get a pardon for his racist convictions below:

If that wasn’t enough, previously in the speech, The President totally misrepresented what he said in response to Charlottesville in declaring himself a “non-racist.” Unfortunately for Trump, Lawrence O’Donnell’s fact checkers were all over Trump’s lie and immediately called him out, as you can see in the clip below:

Trump attempted to leave out the “many sides” parts of his statements. He then went on to make up “reasons” that the “media complained” that simply didn’t exist.


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