Trump Reveals Deregulation Plan That Poisons Americans On His Website, Then Takes It Down

Say Goodbye To Food Safety Regulations, Clean Drinking Water, And Protection For Public Lands Under A Trump Presidency

Republicans have been on a mission to brainwash Americans into thinking that regulations are bad. They do this by adding the words ‘job-killing’ before the word ‘regulations.’ Donald Trump has taken the ‘job-killing regulations’ rhetoric a step further and spelled out on his official website how he plans to poison Americans with a pro-corporate deregulation scheme that is truly terrifying. Oddly, as soon as it got some media attention, the most alarming part was deleted.

Trump’s economic plan starts out with typical Republican regulation-bashing by declaring the rules that protect the public from toxic pollution a job-killing “disaster.”

Trump’s solution? Eliminate the “Waters of The US Rule,” and scrap the EPA’s Clean Power Plan.

Once clean water and clean energy regulations are out of the way, Mr. Trump is ready to unleash Big Oil and the coal industry on American soil. Fracking, which has been known to poison drinking water supplies and causes tap water to ignite, is high on the GOP presidential nominee’s list of ways to bring “vast wealth” to America.

In true Washington insider form, Trump’s phony ‘job creation’ scheme is tailored for the sole purpose of boosting the profits of Big Polluters at the expense of public health and safety.

And now for the other disaster in Donald Trump’s plan

In addition to opening up offshore sites and federal lands to oil companies for oil drilling, fracking, and mining, after eliminating clean water and toxic waste dumping regulations, Trump is keen on getting rid of all those pesky food safety regulations.

Donald Trump called the FDA the “food police” and claimed government rules were “overkill” when it came to “farm and food production hygiene” and “inspections.”

Yes, Donald Trump really suggested eliminating the FDA’s  authority to maintain a safe food supply in the United States.

trump-food-regsThe proposal set off alarms on Mother Jones, and Salon. Fortunately, The Hill published a screenshot (on left) of Trump’s plan before the food safety deregulation section was mysteriously deleted. 

It’s unclear exactly how poisoning the water and food supply will create jobs or “vast wealth” for average Americans. What is clear is that in Donald Trump’s America, there will be more poisoned people dying and so sickened from corporate deregulation, they won’t be able to go to work anyway.

So much for Republican Donald Trump and his ‘great’ plan to poison America for a buck.

As for the Americans foolish enough to believe that the elimination of alleged ‘job-killing regulations’ is worth being poisoned for, it’s too bad the rest of us will have to suffer for your gullibility and ignorance if this man is elected President of the United States.

*** Maryann Tobin is the author of “Afterlife: The Journey Of A Dog’s Spirit” 

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