Trump Reportedly Calls Germans ‘Evil’ – Threatens German Automakers

Angela Merkel and Donald Trump

Update: USA Today reports the word, “evil” could be translated to “very bad” if you use the Cambridge Dictionary rather than Google Translate. Salon reports that National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn responded, “He said they’re very bad on trade, but he doesn’t have a problem with Germany.”

We all knew that Trump would probably commit some epic faux pas on his first overseas trip. He has lived up to those “lowered expectations” with news of shoving a prime minister in a meeting with NATO leaders today in Belgium. He also apparently had another very awkward power handshake with newly elected French leader Emmanuel Macron.  He also managed to chide NATO members over a misunderstanding and confront the problem that British intelligence stopped sharing information with U.S. agencies following leaks, including leaks by Trump in our own Oval Office. To cap off the day, though, he also reportedly thought it was smart to state out loud, “The Germans are evil, very evil” and to pledge a battle with German automakers.

Trump told NATO members, “Members of the alliance must finally contribute their fair share and meet their financial obligations.” CNN reports that Trump still doesn’t understand that the 2% defense spending benchmark allies must meet is designed to build their own military, “not to funnel money to NATO or other allies.”

It was just reported that Trump used this idea of “back dues” that NATO members supposedly owe America as a reason to threaten German automakers. Trump also knows that Germany has a trade surplus, which may be why he seems to have targeted this particular NATO ally:

“Look at the millions of cars they sell in the US, and we’ll stop that,” sources told Der Spiegel

“I would say to BMW if they want to build a factory in Mexico and sell cars to the US without a 35 percent tax, they can forget that,” Trump reportedly said.

EU Commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker defended Germany, stating that “free trade is good for all.”

But the report in Germany’s Der Spiegel revealed that “a threat of a criminal tax” later came up in the room.

As one economist said on Twitter, “I guess if the German intelligence services had any reason not to dump everything they have on Trump thus far, gloves must be off now.”

A writer for New York Magazine stated, “Trump has not stopped praising the Saudi Royal Family on this trip after they rolled out the red carpet for him. But Germany is ‘Very Evil,'”:

If this actually happened as reported, we will be seeing the fallout from this for a very long time. It’s certainly one more case that Trump is unfit for the office of President. Trump should have stuck to making backroom deals in his casinos and left the White House alone. On behalf of American News X, we value all of our NATO allies and are stunned by this news.

Featured image: Screenshot from Youtube, Trump and Merkel

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