Whether Complimenting Or Attacking, Trump Obsessed With One Thing About Women (Video)

Donald Trump’s tweet attacking Mika Brzezinski personally has been getting blasted, not only by Democrats but by Republicans as well.  It has been skewered for being well beneath the “dignity of the office” as well as just being another unnecessary distraction when there are so many pressing issues. Besides the criticisms, this latest “Twitter tantrum” from 45 has brought many to the realization that this 71-year-old man is never going to change.

Beyond that, even, many are starting to notice a clear pattern with this President and his attacks on women. Not that women are the only targets of his attacks, but that the attacks are always about their looks. In fact, even when he “praises” women, it is also about their looks. Check out the clip below showing some of them:

Aside from the “blood” comments about Mika, Megyn Kelly had “blood” coming out of her “whatever” after asking trump a challenging question. When Hillary Clinton won the nomination, he called up Fox News the next morning, he had to throw “she gained a lot of weight” out there. Remember Carly Fiorina had such an ugly face that no one could vote for her. A woman who claimed that Trump made inappropriate advances toward her “was too ugly” to ravage.

Of course, that begs the question — for Trump, when is a woman good looking enough to assault? Where exactly does he set that bar?

Even when he compliments them, it’s still about their looks. With Fiorina, when he tried to apologize, it was about the looks, not her qualifications or anything of substance. Remember the Access Hollywood tape? All women judged solely on their looks — the married woman looking for furniture, the show’s female host, and any other woman Trump wants to grab by the (you know). All of them only evaluated on their looks.

Katy Tur, who is no stranger to being attacked by Trump, personally and professionally, pointed out how many women did indeed vote for Trump in the clip above.

Well, anyone can be fooled once. With the cascading evidence demonstrating that Trump really has no respect for women and is solely focused on their looks when referring to them negatively or positively. As the old saying goes, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. It will be interesting to see if women and men who support women’s equality that voted for Trump will begin to peel away as it becomes increasingly clear how he really feels and how that isn’t ever going to change.

Featured image via screen capture.

If you have trouble viewing the above clip, try here.

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