Trump Now Demands There Be Openings On His Wall, His Reason Is Insane

Republicans recently agreed to $1.6 billion in funding for Trump’s ridiculous wall along the US-Mexican border, because apparently keeping out non-existent immigrant is way more important than the lives of 22 million Americans. And while the funding for this wall is the worst possible instant of reckless government spending, it barely covers the prohibitive costs needed to construct the stupid thing.

But that certainly hasn’t stopped our daft president from pissing away tax-payer money on something that makes racists feel good about themselves.

But now Trump is saying that he save some money on concrete by doing something so ridiculous that only he could’ve thought of it: create openings in the wall.  Bloomberg News spoke with Trump about the subject aboard Air Force One’s press pool.

Never mind that high-end  Mexican drug lords can use this crazy thing we have called jets, or the fact that they have a sophisticated system of tunnels they used to smuggle in drugs, because everyone knows that they mostly just hurl giant bags of drugs over the border fence. And with federal agents able to peep through the wall for those gallant Mexican drug lords, American is saved and we can all go back to living our lives. Maybe we could just install a moon bounce on our side of the wall so that the drug dealers will just bounce back to their side.

Trump’s most ridiculous and naive  justifications for such a tactic is worthy a yuge amount of ridiculous, and once again he has shown himself to be unnervingly ignorant and incompetent when it comes to the enormous tasks at hand. The border wall will do nothing but suck up revenues that could be used to benefit Americans and Trump’s own supporters. So we can all laugh–and we should–but sometimes the laughing can quickly turn to desperate weeping.

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