Trump Manager Say Rape Would Not Exist If Women Were Strong Enough

Trump Manager

In January of 2013, Kellyanne Conway, now Donald Trump’s campaign manager, appeared on a PBS panel discussion as a Republican pollster. The topic of discussion was women’s role in the military. During her comments, opposing women’s role in combat zones, Conway stated, “If we were physiologically as strong as men, rape would not exist.”


People have been coming up with creative excuses for a man’s lack of control ever since David committed adultery with Bathsheba. King David was walking on the roof of the palace when he saw Bathsheba bathing. Even though he was told that she was married to one of his officers, he “lay” (don’t you just love that biblical term) with her anyway. And although he was king and Bathsheba a subject, some folks still blame her for David’s indiscretion.

This, sadly, is nothing new. But it’s worse when those justifications come from women.

Kellyanne Conway wins the prize for the most ludicrous reason ever.

Watch this video and see for yourself. Take special note of the other panelist’s expressions.



“If we were physiologically as strong as men, rape would not exist. You would be able to defend yourself and fight them off.”

Kellyanne Conway, PBS interview

I guess Kellyanne is unaware that 1 out of every 10 rape victims are male.

male rape victims


But even more importantly, Ms. Conway says that women are not as “strong” as men and thus, incapable of adequately serving to the same degree, as men, in the military.

Should we leave Kellyanne to her delusions? Nah! Ms. Conway, meet Purple Heart winner and Congresswoman, Tammy Duckworth. She lost both legs in Iraq after the helicopter she was piloting was shot down. Rep Duckworth could have rested on her well-deserved laurels but she didn’t. She won her race for the 8th congressional district in Illinois seat and is currently challenging Republican senator Mark Kirk. She is doing very well  in the race since Kirk has failed to criticize Donald J Trump’s racist remarks about Judge Gonzolo Curiel, for his senate seat. Maybe you should ask the Congresswoman how she feels about your condescending remarks about “not putting women in harm’s way” and “if women were stronger.”

Duckworth & Obama


Women valiantly serve in the military, even in combat zones. The potential for rape exists for any person who is captured; male or female. The aggressors can be male or female.

It’s time for the Trump Campaign Manager to come into this century and learn to deal with facts instead of misogynistic claptrap. I’m sure it’s hard to move past that when she represents a party that condones and justifies rape, when and wherever they can. Just look at the cases of Josh Duggar and former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert.

Conservatives tend to preach about accountability except when they find themselves in those predicaments. Seems they continually conjure excuses for their own sexual impropriety.  When excuses are no longer appropriate (i.e., a verdict), they rally the Conservative Right and invoke the forgiveness of the Savior on their behalf.


Josh Duggar


See what I mean? Don’t add to the problem, Kellyann.

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