Trump Lashes Out At SNL, Baldwins’ Response Is Priceless

Donald Trump is quite well-known for 3am Twitter posts and angry responses to anything that may not be in his best interests. With constant denials of comments he has made and wild accusations of election rigging, watching his Twitter feed is like watching a 2-year-old throw a tantrum at bed time. So it comes as no surprise that Mr. Trump responded to a comedy skit like it was a News outlet distorting his infallible character.

The Donald Tweeted out after seeing the hilarious skit “Watched Saturday Night Live hit job on me. Time to retire the boring and unfunny show. Alec Baldwin portrayal stinks. Media rigging the election!”


Of course the portrayal of the former Secretary of State wasn’t very flattering either but we don’t see her throwing a fit. Many candidates as well as actual Presidents have been cast in a humorous light on SNL. George Bush Jr. definitely had a good run of making us laugh for 8 solid years. Obama has been in the show’s cross hairs many times during his two terms, we don’t see him complaining either.

Alec Baldwin decided to let The Donald do what he does best: Destroy himself with his own words. As opposed to actually typing out a tweet refuting Trumps’ response, Baldwin simply retweeted the inane post. Something many of Baldwins’ followers found almost as hilarious as the skit itself.


 Like many politicians and public figures have in the past, Mr. Trump should learn to take a joke. Next we might be reporting another failing lawsuit because the candidate simply has no sense of humor.

“The media is rigging the election!”

The real comedy might reveal itself in Trumps’ claim of election rigging. No Mr. Trump, nobody would have to rig this election against you. Your past behavior, unfounded hatred toward immigrants, your demands of forcing people of a specific religion to register and have to carry documentation, and your history of cheating honest working people out of hard-earned money will be what costs you the election. Democrats could run Anthony Wiener and still take this election in a landslide.

Real leaders don’t respond to comedy skits. Real leaders have more important things to worry about. Like running a country. If you missed the hilarious skit, check it out below and join us for a great laugh.

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