Trump Just Spent $24 Million Of Your Money On Two Refrigerators


Remember candidate Donald Trump’s constant complaining about how expensive Air Force One is during the 2016 election season? Yeah, about that…

Apparently now that he’s President, angry phrases like “costs are out of control” and “cancel order!” regarding Air Force One in general — well, those words just aren’t very important now are they?

Trump’s Air Force just made a $23.6 million deal with Boeing to replace two “cold chiller units” on Air Force One — and since this is something that will benefit Trump personally rather than “our future presidents,” we haven’t heard a single peep from him about the costs.

“The current rear lower lobe cold chiller units being replaced are the original commercial equipment delivered with the aircraft in 1990. The units were based on the technology at the time and designed for short-term food storage,” Air Force spokesperson Ann Stefanek told CNN. “Although serviced on a regular basis, reliability has decreased with failures increasing, especially in hot/humid environments. The units are unable to effectively support mission requirements for food storage.”

“The units and associated aircraft structural modifications are being specially designed to provide nearly 70 cubic feet of temperature-controlled (refrigeration/freezer) storage to support on-board personnel for an extended period of time, without having to restock while abroad,” Stefanek says.

In other words, three entire refrigeration units — 210 cubic feet of storage — can’t hold enough food for Trump to eat during overseas trips, so they feel it necessary to fix the other two at a rather exorbitant cost. Or something. Ultimately, you’re paying for it, though.

If the cost seems high, it’s probably because it is. Former Obama senior advisor Eric Schultz took a moment out of his day to mock Trump for the purchase, tweeting “we would have been impeached.”

When he was running for President, he said he would use his private jet instead of Air Force One, but has been using the presidential jet since he took office.

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