Trump Just Ignored His Own Supporters By Pulling Out Of Paris Climate Deal (INFOGRAPHIC)


One thing is painfully clear following the Donald’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate accord: our drunk neo-Nazi uncle Steve Bannon is now back in charge of the country’s most important decisions (for now), instead of Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner.

We already know that major oil and gas companies Exxon and Conoco were in support of remaining in the Paris Climate Agreement, including Former Exxon CEO and current Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, but we didn’t know just how many Trump supporters were on board as well.

I always say that Trump supporters couldn’t get a clue if they covered themselves in clue musk and did the clue-mating dance in a field of clues, but many have had what is known as “Trumpgrets,” which is them basically seeing what the entire world sees and regretting their support for Trump.  But what’s shocking is just how many of them support addressing climate change and believed in the Paris Climate Accord.

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45 keeps spouting his typical bullsh*t arguments about the  Paris agreement being “unfair” because large polluting countries such as India and China are not required to do anything until 2030, but many of his supporters are surprisingly not buying it. A February 2017 survey of voters who supported Trump in November found 47% in favor of participating in the Paris agreement, with only a mere 28% disagreeing. That’s not just yuge, that’s bigly!

Graph via Brookings Institute

As you can plainly see, even freaking Trump supporters are starting to see the complete and utter irrefutable science regarding climate change. Perhaps some of them finally understand that building wind turbines is a much more relevant and safer gig than risking having the ground collapse on them digging for coal, all in order to make a few billionaire industrialists even richer.  Luckily, Trump can’t officially pull out of the Paris Climate agreement until November 9th, 2020. We’re hoping he’ll either be impeached, resign or on his way out by then. 

Featured image via YouTube

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