Trump Issues New Muslim Travel Ban With Concessions To Courts

Donald Trump issues a modified travel ban

After his previous Muslim travel ban was thrown out of several courts, Donald Trump has issued a new executive order, this time banning travelers from six Muslim majority countries.

Having made some effort to ensure the constitutionality of one of his new policies, the new ban exempts existing visa holders and removes Iraq as one of the countries from the original seven countries listed.

The directive is being promoted as a safeguard against terrorism, according to POLITICO, as was the earlier disastrous order issued in January that resulted in chaos at entry ports across the country.

The ban puts a hold on issuing visas to citizens of six countries: Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen for 90 days, and stops any admission of refugees from any countries for 120 days.

A Trump administration fact sheet provided to CNN stated that;

“[Iraq will] increase cooperation with the US government on the vetting of its citizens applying for a visa to travel to the United States.”

The revised order also clarifies that permanent legal residents (those with green cards) are excluded from the travel ban, as are those with valid visas.

The New York Times reports that the travel ban will this time be rolled out over a two-week period in order to avoid the chaos caused by the same-day implementation of the order issued on Jan. 27.

The NYT also reported that the new order was signed in private this time, without the fanfare and hype of the January order.

Also in the fact sheet provided to the press was an explanation of the changes involving banning citizens from Iraq. The earlier order resulted in a great deal of criticism of the Trump administration for rejecting Iraqi soldiers and civilians that had been aiding the U.S. in its efforts in the region. The fact sheet stated:

“On the basis of negotiations that have taken place between the Government of Iraq and the U.S. Department of State in the last month, Iraq will increase cooperation with the U.S. Government on the vetting of its citizens applying for a visa to travel to the United States.”

The Trump administration has been using the “spaghetti test” for its nationalist agenda since day one, throwing policies against the wall to see what sticks. Trump’s January travel ban was tossed out of a number of courts for being unconstitutional, and the new ban attempts to modify the terms in order to justify its legality, even if the nature and spirit of the ban conflict with U.S. traditions.

Watch new secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, announce the new ban in the video below from ABC News:


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