Trump About To Give His Kids A Billion Dollar Tax Cut As He Robs 24 Million Of Health Insurance

trump kids
trump kids

In the catalog of horrors that you don’t think are happening but really are, the fake President occupying the oval office intends on handing his spoiled offspring billions with a repeal of the Estate Tax.

Indeed, Trump’s plan to repeal the Estate Tax would be a massive windfall for his kids, who stand to receive as much as a $4 billion tax cut as he attempts to steal healthcare away from 24 million real Americans. Having already thrown his supporters under the bus multiple times by pursuing decidedly wall-street friendly policies for him and his greedy cronies, Trump’s tax plan is tilted towards tax breaks towards the wealthy.

Senator Bernie Sanders, the real populist who should be making the world a better place right now from the White House if we lived in a just world, rightly pointed out that the repeal of the Estate Tax would benefit the family of Donald Trump.

“At a time when Trump wants to make major cuts in education, health care, senior programs, nutrition and affordable housing, it is especially outrageous that he would propose the elimination of the Estate Tax and provide a $353 billion dollar tax giveaway to the wealthiest 0.2 percent – including a tax break of up to $4 billion to the Trump family,”said Sanders.

And while we’re on the subject of Trump’s major giveaway to his privileged kids, the majority of the benefits of Trump’s tax plan are going to the top one percent. Moreover, fifty-one percent of all of the benefits in Trump’s tax plan are expected to go directly to the top one percent.

Still draining that swamp, huh?

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