Trump Ghostwriter Predicts Why Trump Will Resign

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Trump ghostwriter tells Anderson Cooper why Trump must resign.

“There is no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ for Trump,”┬áTrump’s ghostwriter for “The Art of the Deal” told Anderson Cooper. “There is only winning and losing.”

As we all know, and as is reiterated, those are very different things. That is why the man that wrote Trump’s best selling book for him says that Trump must find a reason to resign. And, that reason will be, to Trump, a victory.

Trump is losing, right now, and that, to Trump, is worse than doing something wrong. In fact, losing is the only thing to him that is wrong according to Tony Schwarz, the author of Trump’s book:

Schwarz is famous for saying that he wishes he never wrote that book, likening it to putting lipstick on a pig. He knows Trump’s thought process intimately and made that a palatable thing for readers — something he regrets. But, now that intimacy and insider view into Trump’s thought process gives us insight.

Schwarz says the Trump will most likely take the Nixon way out, with a Trump twist, finding a way to resign that he can call a “victory.” Remember, if it is winning, to Trump, it is “right.”

Whether that is a victory in stymieing what he thinks is a Democratic “witch hunt” by escaping their reach or by victoriously stomping home to his Mar-a-Lago paradise with his ball because he can’t lose the game if he quits, remains to be seen.

The full seven-minute interview with Anderson Cooper is here:

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