Ironic: Trump Donates Salary To Program He Is Trying To Cut

trump salary donation irony
Donald Trump finally donated his salary, to a program he is trying to cut

Even when following through on campaign promises, Trump misses the forest for the trees. It seems the good, the bad, and the ugly are always going to be the recipe for Trump’s administration. Even when Trump donates his salary, apparently.

The good: Trump is finally following through on his campaign promise to donate the first 10 weeks of his salary. Though it is not to charity as we expected, at least it is being done.

The bad: He is trying to cut the Interior Department budget, which runs the Park Service.

The ugly: The $78,333 dollars he donated to the parks service, which is earmarked for historic battlefield preservation, doesn’t come close to covering the $1.5 billion dollars that Trump’s proposed budget cuts from the Interior Department, which runs the Park Service.

The fact that the money Trump is donating is a drop in the bucket, even for the specific program it is earmarked for which is short $229 million dollars, didn’t dull the Trump administrations flare for the dramatic, though. The money was donated in over-sized check form, and lots of really self-congratulatory tripe was spread by Sean Spicer, the White House Spokesman.

Spicer said:

“The president is personally proud to contribute the first quarter of his salary to the important mission of the Parks Service, which is preserving our country’s national security,” Spicer said, handing the check to Zinke and Superintendent of the Harper’s Ferry Parks cite, Brandy Berg.

However, he paid no attention to the fact that the irony here is thicker than Beijing smog. Trump donates his salary, to a program he is trying to massively cut.

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This donation has been denounced as little more than a publicity stunt by environmental activists. The Sierra Club made it clear that if Trump is actually interested in helping our National Parks, this is not the way to do it, “he should stop trying to slash their budgets to historically low levels.” Parks are a good investment, and Michael Brune, Executive Director of the Sierra Club, reminds us that we should invest now if we want them available to our children:

“This publicity stunt is a sad consolation prize as Trump tries to stifle America’s best idea. It’s a distraction that falls far short of the $12 billion needed to address the current backlog of park maintenance and does nothing to offset the almost $2 billion Trump asked Congress to cut from the Department of the Interior in his budget. America’s parks, and the people and economies they support, need real funding, not a giant fake check.”

Donating even tens of thousands of dollars to a program that is short millions, while cutting billions from their parent department’s budget, is next to less than nothing. This is like beating your spouse while donating your lunch money to domestic violence prevention.

Watch a short video on this, courtesy of Youtube:

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