Trump: Discrimination Is State Right, Legal Weed Is Not

Those who voted for Trump are, in general, states rights advocates. They want the federal government to leave them alone, particularly with respect to how they are allowed to treat minorities — like transgender kids — and marriage rights. However, their champion Fed buster just sent his pasty Sean Spicer out to tell America that the Feds are likely coming in to interfere with states whose citizens have voted for the legalization of a plant for human consumption.

That’s right, the “states rights” advocate is planning “greater enforcement” by the feds against legal recreational marijuana. Hypocrisy, thy name is right-wing authoritarians waving their states’ rights flags.

Why? Why would Mr. Small Government send in the jack-booted feds to interfere in something that clearly should be a states’ rights issue? Because he doesn’t like it when adults use marijuana. He doesn’t mind if cancer patients do, and won’t interfere with that. But if a state finds that — like cigarettes and alcohol, which actually do great harm to people — adults are free to relax with a plant that has many proven positive effects, he is considering stepping on their necks.

It seems that the authoritarian in our White House is not actually interested in state autonomy at all. Civil rights are not decided at the state level; the fourteenth amendment of the United States constitution extends us all equal protection under the law, which is why  Virginia wasn’t allowed to outlaw interracial marriage, and why no state can outlaw marriage based on the gender of those seeking to wed. But, to Trump, that doesn’t stop schools, who receive federal funding, from discriminating against students for being transgender.

He doesn’t like recreational marijuana so, despite his claim that states should handle the question of legalization, he appears to be flipping to a position of federal control.

Have you called your Congress persons yet? Time to do it again, if you haven’t. 202-224-3121. Tell them you are calling about Trump’s suggestion that he supports federal interference in states that have legalized recreational marijuana, ask them to fight that and push for removing Cannabis from schedule I listing to protect states’ decisions regarding marijuana use and consumption.

Features image via wikimedia commons

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