Trump’s Latest Denial Is Further Evidence That We ‘Are Up The Creek Without A Paddle’

Trump is denying that he called the White House a Dump. This week, he has also been outed for lying about two phone calls that never happened to make himself look good, this denial feels cheap at best. In fact, it is further evidence that we are up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

Two days ago, it was reported the President told members of his private golf club at Bedminster, New Jersey — a place he has golfed at least four times since being inaugurated — that the reason he spends “so much time away from Washington, DC,” is because our White House, the people’s House, is “a real dump.” The story, originally published by is also scheduled for release in the August 7, 2017 edition of Sports Illustrated. The Senior Writer for SI, Alan Shipnuck opens with the following statement:

Playing golf with the 45th President of the United States offers a revealing character study of him.” Indeed.

Shipnuck then highlights how Trump “flouts rules and exaggerates his own abilities,” while pointing out how the current President drives his cart onto the greens of the courses he plays; even those he owns. According to Shipnuck, “Driving on the green is a cardinal sin in golf.” Yet, we ought not be surprised here, should we? We already know for example, how Trump has exaggerated his own abilities when it comes to the presidency. What ought to disturb us, however — his supporters included — is how he characterized our home provided to United States Presidents. Let me be clear: he is living in a home the taxpayers provide.

When the story broke, the internet responded with a predictable sense of anger with some pointing out how conservatives would have been livid had the previous President, Barack Obama – no stranger to the links – made this statement. Christopher Hayes, host of All In With Chris Hayes, on MSNBC, sent out a Tweet stating:

“The White House is a dump” would’ve been a week-long scandal/PR crisis in the Obama admin, crowing out all talk of everything else.”

Hayes is correct here, as readers may well recall how conservatives questioned the “Americana” of our former President through his eight years with persistence.

Yesterday, in response to the allegation Trump finally responded, saying:

“I love the White House, one of the most beautiful buildings (homes) I have ever seen. But Fake News said I called it a dump – TOTALLY UNTRUE.”

Really, Mr. President? Are you accusing your friends of lying?

According to the President, we are to believe Golf Magazine is now “fake news,” with an apparent liberal agenda, right? Wrong! The real story here is how Trump uses the media for his purposes, that is, when he can control the narrative. How often has he called the New York Times, fake? But since he wanted a narrative out in the public he called them just last week to provide them an interview. But when the media reports incidents like this, he is wont to call it “fake.” His denial is also part of larger personality issue as you shall see.

While Trump persists in attacking the media — our free press — something that does not even belong to him, it certainly is cause for concern. The worst part, folks? It appears Trump uses nearly everyone he comes into contact with. Whether it be contractors he stiffs for services performed, or supporters who voted for him, especially given how he has not delivered on his supposed populist agenda, or members at his private golf club, given how the club was turned into a campaign “hot-spot” of sorts during the election season, I imagine people interacting with the man walk away with a sense of emptiness.

His using Golf Magazine is yet another example. Case in point: the publication has featured Mr. Trump’s own golf courses on their cover several times to Trump’s pleasure and now, he calls their publication, “fake.” Please note: Once Trump obtained what he needed (endorsement of his golf courses), he no longer finds them credible due to their report. One must wonder how their editorial board feels today.

In psychology, we have a term to describe one who exhibits these tendencies, folks; sociopath.  While I have not interviewed the President, and am in no way claiming he is a sociopath, he surely does exhibit many of the tendencies associated with one who is. Over-sized ego? Check. Lack of empathy? Check. Remaining calm in dangerous situations? Questionable, and yet to be determined. Having few friends? Define friends. Are the relationships he has superficial or deep? How about the “pleasure principle,” that is trying to achieve pleasure at all costs? Check. A lack of remorse? Check. Smarter than anyone else? Check! Again, folks, I cannot diagnose this President due to the now infamous and controversialGoldwater Rule,” but he surely does exhibit the above tendencies, right?

Make no mistake: we all encounter people who have some or all of the above tendencies, but they are not President of this Nation. Trump’s using others are part of a larger pattern of behavior that ought to disturb us all, in light of several international crises which may emerge. Think North Korea, folks. The previous President argued that Trump lacked the “temperament” to be President of this nation. Now he IS President. Whatever shall we do if an international crisis emerges?

So, are we up the “creek without a paddle,” folks?  You tell me.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons, Shinzō Abe and Donald Trump in Palm Beach, CC 4.0


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