Trump May Have Discussed Classified Info Regarding CIA In TV Interview

Trump may have leaked classified information on television
Donald Trump may have discussed classified information on Television

Trump was interviewed by Tucker Carlson while defending his lack of proof for claims that President Barack Obama had his “wires tapped.” During that conversation, he made claims that the CIA was hacked during the Obama administration.

The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee according to CNN news issued a statement saying that, if his statement was true, Trump had revealed classified information on national television.

The President of the United States can declassify anything he wants, but the question is did he want to reveal this or was this accidental?

As in, in his rush to make himself feel better than Obama, did he inadvertently spread state secrets? And, did he damage the United States by announcing that the CIA was hacked? He embarrassed us, for sure, and advertised a weakness, but now that it seems the cat is out of the bag, what does that mean for our intelligence community.

With Trump, most things are calculated. Today, as well as this “leak,” was the reveal that there is nothing, no proof, to the wiretapping claims as of yet. (Just in case this is the thing we are supposed to miss while watching him “accidentally” leak information that he feels hurts President Obama)

What else this reveals is this, the Senate Intelligence committee may or may not be aware of a hack of our CIA during the Obama administration but they sure as heck know there is no evidence to support Trump’s accusation against Obama. His voters, and Fox News, will be all over this, and miss yet another blatant lie being confirmed.

Watch the broadcast here:

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