More Of Trump’s ‘Best People’: High-Level USDA Post Given To Trump Campaign Rep

trump usda position filled by truck driver campaign representative
Trump chicken, USDA post... get it?

Trump is known to appoint completely unqualified people to high-level jobs in his administration, and some recent picks to work at the USDA are sticking with that plan.

In keeping with this incomprehensible support for incompetence, the Trump administration has appointed a truck driver to work at the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service division.

Nick Brusky, the truck driver now tasked with developing foreign agricultural markets for American farmers, has no experience in farming, agriculture, or foreign trade, and may or may not have the master’s degree required for the $79,720 annual salary he’ll be taking from taxpayers.

So how did Brusky get this job? “Brusky served as a field representative for Trump’s campaign in the battleground state of Ohio,” according to Politico. The report adds, “Brusky’s résumé shows he has no experience in cultivating international markets for trade goods,” though he notes he has experience “hauling and shipping agricultural commodities.”

Trump also appointed Christopher O’Hagan, a cabana attendant at a country club to work in USDA marketing services, and Tim Page, a landscaper, to fill a Natural Resources Conservation Service position.

Hiring people to do jobs they are completely unqualified for helps explain why the Trump administration has been mired in chaos since day-one. With a continued pattern of rewarding inexperienced campaign staff, family, and friends with federal government jobs, things are not likely to get better any time soon.

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