Trump Calls Ben Carson Crazy: Irony Dies a Horrible Death (Video)

Donald Trump did a one and a half hour stand-up in Iowa on wide-raging subjects. Trump, who is either running for President or pulling the greatest prank ever conceived, pretty much ran around the stage like a caged baboon on crystal meth. A couple of the ladies in the audience were so enamored of Trump they laughed hysterically at every one of his comments. Trump blathered on about Obama, the Republican Party, doilies, the size of “fun size” candy and the price of gold plated bathroom fixtures (this whole section may need further analysis for verification) and performed like the consummate snake oil salesman he is.

Oh, and US Foreign Policy was in there, somewhere.

Then, using his laser-like and often highly inaccurate deduction skills, Trump decided to throw stones at his house of thinly made glass.

Trump began a long litany of the crimes of one Dr. Ben Carson, retired brain surgeon, and alleged human.

better nowTrump diagnosed Ben using the degree he no doubt bought by building a wing named after himself at Columbia University, as “nuts.”

“In his book,” ranted the Donald, “Ben Carson said he suffered from pathological anger. Look it up. Any dictionary will give you the definition of pathological anger.’”

Note to Donald: when I go looking for a mental health provider, I really rather he or she used the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, but, hey, you probably just discovered this “dictionary” thing, right?

Now begins the sniping back and forth, and it’s not going to be pretty. I took a few classes in psychology, so I feel qualified to say that you should never diagnosis someone with a mental disorder, even if you took a few classes in psychology.

Yet, I did learn some other things. First, there’s no such thing as “pathological anger” per se. It’s not a disorder, it’s only used as a term in psychology to describe a person with anger issues. It’s like saying a gambler has a “dice fetish.”

Meaningless at that is, it does, to psychologists, suggest someone who can’t control their anger for various reasons It’s a symptom of a much larger problem.

That being the case… HOLY Shit! We actually have a candidate for President of the United States that admits he may have issues that preclude him from controlling his anger!

Trump, if he was truly concerned, would have been less bombastic in his speech and more sympathetic. That last sentence may be the only time the words “Trump,” and “sympathetic” may appear together.

Trump, of course, is going to ride this wild pony until he either breaks it or it throws him and damages that thing on his head. He has hold of something that may be the chink in the crazy armor Carson seems to proudly rattle around in.

After making a fool of himself by claiming, among other things, that the pyramids were built for storing grain, denying climate change, wanting to deny the very programs for indigent citizens that he, himself, took advantage of and then all but threatening the media to back off, Carson has laid open his whole campaign for The Donald to swoop down on.

Trump, for his part, is no saint, nor is he one to compare sanity with Carson.

So far, Trump has raised the ire of the Latino community, insulted women, insulted minorities and just about everyone else; and yet has gone around thinking that he’s the best thing since sliced, bankrupt casinos.

The scariest part is that, while we watch this new production of a play written by the Marquis De Sade and enacted by two players that really should be in Bellvue, we aren’t even scratching the surface of crazy when it comes to the Republican nominees for President.

This little altercation, however, has its entertaining aspects. I’m sure I and my fellows at American News X are going to sit, fascinated while these two go at each other.

I wonder if we can get toll free numbers to have fans call in and vote on who is crazier?

American Idol’s going off the air. America needs a new birth of cheesy entertainment and meaningless voting.

Hopefully that will get them involved enough to go to the polls next November and vote in a Democrat.

Hey, crazier things have happened. Come to think of it, they’re still happening!

BONUS: Tom Joad slapped together some footage of The Donald discussing the legend of Ben Carson  — enjoy.

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