America Will Be Unrecognizable If Trump’s Budget Is Passed

The Trump budget released on Thursday, reads like a blueprint for anything but a thriving democracy.

With major shifts in spending from programs that benefit the public to the military, America will be unrecognizable if Congress passes this mess.

According to Politico,

Every dollar of proposed cutbacks to domestic, diplomatic and international aid programs that Trump makes in the spending plan will go to boost defense and law enforcement funding….

Some domestic programs, such as the National Endowment for the Arts, the United States Institute of Peace, the Chemical Safety Board, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which supports PBS and NPR, are on the chopping block for elimination entirely. Trump is pushing numerous such cuts, long sought by conservative Republicans…

Trump’s weaponized budget has ‘President’ Steve Bannon’s ‘deconstructive’ fingerprints all over it.

The Washington Post put together a hair-raising chart that shows how Bannon and Trump actually help create the previously non-existent, hellish America Trump described on the campaign trail. By stripping funding and regulations from environmental protection, HHS, and Agriculture, the stage is set for food supply poisoning, drinking water pollution, and outbreaks of diseases the government will be unprepared to contain. Raise your hand if you think any of this will make Americans ‘winners.’

Trump throws his rabid supporters a bone with a $4.1 billion down payment on his border wall, while breaking his promise to get Mexico to pay for it. Estimates for the full cost of the wall are closer to $25 billion.

Along with budget cuts come job losses for thousands of federal workers, which will trickle-down to their communities and create localized recessions that have the potential to spread through economic supply chains, making America not-so-great.

The people who voted for this so-called president probably had a different version of making America ‘great’ in mind. Or maybe they didn’t realize that they’d have to give up funding for the clean water and after school programs they need, for a fancy new aircraft carrier they’ll never see.

Elections really do have consequences.

Fight for your rights by calling the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121

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