Vicente Fox And Lindsey Graham Tag Team Trump In Epic Twitter Roast

Border Wall

Trump and Republicans have certainly been pressing the buttons of the international community. First, it was his asinine remarks concerning NATO, then it was House Republicans attempting to push through a bill to remove the U.S from the United Nations, and now it is his idiotic border wall. And some Senate Republicans are adding their voice to that of Vicente Fox, former President of Mexico, in condemning his repugnant lies and policies. 

Trump made a fool of himself in his first major interview with ABC’s David Muir. He levied accusations of widespread voter fraud and cited a Pew Research study from 2012 to back up his claims.

Jake Tapper from CNN was having none of it as he quickly debunked Trump’s claims in this video from CNN.

However, the most inflammatory comments he made weren’t about voter fraud, an excuse used by Republicans in an attempt to suppress voters. But rather his rhetoric that Mexico would pay for his border wall.

Trump insisted that Mexico would pay up in one form or another leaving Mexico’s sitting President Nieto to fire back saying that this proposed monstrosity was an affront to the dignity of the people of Mexico.

Other politicians both in the U.S and Mexico also had some choice words.

In what may possibly be the only thing ever conjured by the mind of Senator Lindsey Graham to make a Democrat laugh; He appears to have trolled his party’s President making a reference to Trump’s “SAD” comment usually reserved for the end of one of his Twitter upchucks.

Mucho sad indeed Senator. Lindsey Graham, while being in constant conflict with Democrat’s policies to actually help people, has also been a staunch opponent of Trump. Sometimes the enemy of your enemy can make for an ally.

And he wasn’t the only anti-Trump Republican making a stand against The Donald. Senator John McCain, one of the only Republicans to openly defend President Obama against accusations of being a Kenyan-born Muslim, had this to say in regards to Trump’s proposed NAFTA renegotiation.

However, the best, and most harsh criticisms came from former Mexican President Vicente Fox who has been extremely vocal in regards to Trump and that “f*cking wall”.

President Fox also said that Trump’s rhetoric was false and disrespectful to Americans by conning them into believing that Mexico would be paying for the wall via an import tax.

Former President Fox also said that should the US choose to apply a tax to Mexican products, that Mexico would also apply the tax to the 583 billion dollars worth of American products and services that flood into Mexico.

But the crowning and eye-opening tweet from Fox was his poll that he posted asking Americans what they would rather have than Trump’s “ego monument”. The majority of votes going toward healthcare with more affordable education coming in a very close second.

It looks like Trump’s first 100 days will see a proposed 25 billion dollars added to the nation’s deficit and possibly cost the U.S economy 583 billion dollars should our friends to the south decide to no longer conduct business with the United States as Mexican President Nieto has pulled out of negotiation meetings with Trump. All over what would be an ineffectual border wall.

President Nieto has canceled the meeting himself tweeting in Spanish, “This morning we informed the White House that I will not attend the business meeting scheduled for next Tuesday with the @POTUS.”

The Trump administration has since softened its border tax proposal. After Trump’s ridiculous suggestion, Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters “There are clearly a bunch of ways it can be done. The point is American taxpayers are not going to fund it.”

Spicer may be right about one thing, if Trump can’t squeeze a plug nickel out of notoriously tight-fisted house Republicans, the American taxpayer will not be paying for that border wall.

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