Trump Boots David Koch’s Guest Off His Golf Course, Personally

The geriatric playboy-elect saw an interesting guest at his Trump International golf course yesterday. It was fellow billionaire and golf enthusiast David Koch, half of the libertarian/nihilistic Koch brothers duo who have worked steadfastly to destroy our republic and democracy over the last 30 years.  Koch had a rather interesting companion with him, a Trump biographer by the name of Harry Hurt III. Hurt penned a scathing book called Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump.  

From his Amazon author’s profile:

Harry Hurt III is an award-winning print journalist, a former New York Times columnist, a former correspondent for Newsweek, a video journalist, and the author of six nonfiction books, including Texas Rich, a bestselling biography of the H.L. Hunt oil and silver dynasty. Hurt spent nearly three years researching and writing Lost Tycoon. He interviewed Donald Trump and observed him in action in New York City and Atlantic City. He reviewed thousands of pages of court documents and interviewed well over 100 people, including some of the most trusted confidants in the infamous Donald-Ivana-Marla love triangle that made front page tabloid headlines.

In it, Hurt details the court transcripts in which Ivana Trump claimed that Donald raped her. Strange that Mr. Koch would bring Mr. Hunt to play the Trump International while Trump was there and obviously would know that a man who could buy him ten times over would be playing there. Perhaps this is billionaire trolling meant to bring Herr Trump to full froth? Was he taking a security briefing or busy perhaps, putting together his cabinet and filling vacancies to be troubled with an author who wrote about many of his underhanded dealings?

Harry Hurt posted this status yesterday describing what happened to him at Trump International.

Donald Trump personally booted the author of an unflattering biography off Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach on Friday. Harry Hurt III, who penned the 1993 biography, Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump, had come to play with billionaire industrialist David. H. Koch, a Trump club member, and two other golfers.

Hurt, who has a scratch handicap and plays in colorful knickers, walked over to Trump on the practice range prior to his group’s assigned tee time, only to suffer a tongue lashing from the president-elect.

“I said, ‘Congratulations, sir,’ and shook his hand,” Hurt recalls. “Trump said, ‘You were rough on me, Harry. Really rough. That shit you wrote.’”

Hurt says he looked Trump in the eye, and said, “It’s all true,” to which Trump rejoined, “Not in the way you wrote it.”

Among the juicy tidbits in Hurt’s tome was Ivana Trump’s allegation in a sworn deposition that Trump had “raped” her during their divorce battle. Trump told Hurt it was “inappropriate” for him to play at the club, and had his security detail escort Hurt, Koch, and their playing partners to the parking lot.

“David [Koch] was appalled,” says Hurt. “He branded Trump ‘petty’ and vulgar.’ We played Emerald Dunes instead, which is a much, much better golf course than Trump International.”

There may be no honor among thieves but there’s obviously no honor amongst billionaires or the president-elect.

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