Trump Blames Fox News For Bogus Sweden Attack Reference

Trump says the terror attack he appeared to make up was based on Fox news

When Donald Trump decided to go fear-mongering, he listed Sweden among the countries that had suffered recent terror attacks, making it abundantly clear that the attack happened the previous night. It didn’t. He has, however, decided to blame Fox News for his mistake.

In fact, the Swedish embassy reportedly asked Trump’s White House to clarify what exactly he was talking about. According to The Hill:

The Swedish Embassy in Washington has reportedly contacted the State Department asking for clarification on President Trump’s comments suggesting an incident had occurred Friday night in Sweden.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Catarina Axelsson told The Associated Press that the government didn’t know of any “terror-linked major incidents.”

Of course Donald Trump has someone else to blame for his nationally televised, embarrassing faux pas; in this case, Fox News. Since  Trump watches far too much cable news, we should have seen this coming. Trump probably views this as sourcing a claim, of course, when your source doesn’t back you up, it looks a lot like placing blame.

Here is Trump’s tweet:

Tweet text changed by a Chrome extension that #MakeTrumpTweets8Again

His tweet was met with immediate backlash because when one claims there was a terrorist attack, but what they really meant was that they watched a story on Fox News and misidentified it as a terrorist attack, they are guilty of spreading fake news. Then again, Trump seems to have a massive problem with truthfulness in any capacity, with a lie rate that has been increasing, not decreasing, over time. But this, this was blatant spin of a problem for use as a political manipulation; in other words, propaganda. Direct from the White House, direct from the man 25.5 percent of eligible voters foisted upon the world.

Of course, the mockery of yet another fake terror attack being pushed from within the Trump administration also flowed freely:

And that last one, that is really the problem, isn’t it? Trump was parroting a long time right wing talking point, and he was doing it to make his base feel validated. But his lies are dangerous, as dangerous as his truths and although he has no experience — no temperance — he wields great power.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore, Flikr

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