Donald Trump and the Bipolar Case of Dr. iPhone and Mr. ‘Droid

Impeach Trump

On Dec 31st, Donald Trump sent out two tweets that directly contradicted each other. The first was barely acceptable from your average internet troll, let alone the next President of the United States. The second was polite (or at least conciliatory). This certainly isn’t the first time that it happened, so it begs the question, does our President-Elect have bipolar mania or some dissociative personality disorder?

Trump’s contradictory tweets

The morning of Dec. 31st, Trump tweeted out the following, which we, and the internet as a whole, didn’t take kindly to:

Later that afternoon, he tweeted out the following, much more inclusive message.

At this point, Americans really should be asking themselves, do we have a Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde about to inhabit the Oval Office?

Could Trump be bipolar?

Plenty of professionals have had fun making armchair diagnoses of the President-Elect as having narcissistic personality disorder. But maybe he is instead a victim of bipolar mania? According to the Mayo Clinic, a manic episode includes

  • Inflated self-esteem or grandiosity
  • Decreased need for sleep (for example, you feel rested after only three hours of sleep)
  • Unusual talkativeness
  • Racing thoughts
  • Distractibility
  • Increased goal-directed activity (either socially, at work or school or sexually) or agitation
  • Doing things that are unusual and that have a high potential for painful consequences — for example, unrestrained buying sprees, sexual indiscretions or foolish business investments

Wow, that really fits the bill, doesn’t it?  However, manic episodes generally last at least four days in a row. So yes, the man may suffer from bipolar mania. However, it seems pretty unlikely that those swings would happen fast enough to explain all his contradictory tweets.

Data science to the rescue?

In August, data scientist David Robinson did an extensive analysis of Trump’s tweets, looking not only at the language, structure, and content of the tweets but also which phones they came from. You see, there’s a treasure trove of information hidden inside the tweets, which anyone can mine using free software. After a whole litany of sophisticated analyses, charts, and graphs, Robinson concluded that almost all the rude, angry, obnoxious tweets come from an Android phone, while the polite (or at least conciliatory) ones come from an iPhone. Note that Trump uses an Android (see below), while his staff uses an iPhone for his twitter account. In other words, Trump’s tweets confirm he writes only the (angrier) Android half.

Donald Trump on his Android phone.

We did our own meta-analysis, using the tweepy package of python. Guess what? The first tweet (the rude and obnoxious one to his “enemies”) came from an Android phone, while the second tweet, “TO ALL AMERICANS,” came from an iPhone. The logical conclusion is that Trump sent out the one that is completely unbefitting of any elected American leader, while his staff tried to do some damage control by sending out the second.

iPhone or Android: where did the New Years tweets come from?

According to our analyses, the tweets about Russia

  • Great move on delay (by V. Putin) – I always knew he was very smart!

  • Russians are playing @CNN and @NBCNews for such fools – funny to watch, they don’t have a clue! @FoxNews totally gets it!

all came from an Android.  Meanwhile, all five re-tweets of New Years’ messages and images came from iPhones. So did Trump’s birthday message to his son.

Pretty pathetic, staffing out a birthday wish to your own son?

On the other hand, on Jan 2nd, an Android phone tweeted out a much less obnoxious New Year’s message:

Maybe his staffers took him out to the proverbial woodshed and knocked some sense into him? If so, it will only last about 4 minutes.

The Bipolar Case of Dr. iPhone and Mr. ‘Droid.

It’s humiliating to the nation that its future President has decided to reduce the complexities of leadership to snippets of 140 characters. It’s even worse that his communications either sound like an eight-year-old having a tantrum or a teenager trying to sound smart. But now we don’t even know who is officially speaking!

This might make a good 21st-century remake of the Robert Lewis Stevenson’s classic, and we wish Hollywood all the best. But for the rest of us, it’s just more proof that we’ve got a man about to inhabit the Oval Office who is completely unfit to serve.


featured image from Meme Generator.

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