Trump Gets Owned By Arnold Schwarzenegger After Unprovoked Twitter Attack (Video)

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Donald Trump, the guy that said he would “act presidential” after the Republican primaries. The guy that then proceeded to not “act presidential” during the general election and had twitter-tantrums over his portrayal on Saturday Night Live. He has continued to be an international embarrassment on his Twitter account on almost a daily basis and he is showing no signs of ever slowing down his tirade of ignorance that he spews across the annals of the internet. 

This time he is after Arnold Schwarzenegger with attacks over ratings of “The Apprentice” a show first made famous by Trump that many now feel perpetually dirty inside for having watched.

Today, January 6th was set to be a remarkable day for Donald Trump. He put on a made in Mexico Trump tie, donned his made in China “Make America Great Again” hat, polished up his two years worth of credits from Wharton School of Finance, and prepared to do a job he has absolutely no qualifications for.

A job he has absolutely no qualifications for just to be crystal clear. 

But first, he had to troll somebody on social media. You know, because that’s the way to “act presidential.” Trump even has the audacity to call for unity on one hand while bashing Arnold Schwarzenegger for supporting two far more reasonable candidates. You know, ones that didn’t make fools of the nation when they typed out a post on social media.

That Trump’s name still appears in the leading credits as Executive Producer is likely the reason why the ratings have taken a dive. There isn’t a celebrity alive that can save you from a walking P.R disaster like Donald Trump and it seems the 25% of the population that voted for Trump don’t have many televisions.

Trump was taught a lesson in humility at the hands of ‘The Governator’ Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold wasn’t going to simply take Trump’s attack lying down. But the way to respond is not by sinking to Trump’s level and debasing the name of the public office you held or will soon hold. Arnold kept it classy with his handling of Trump.

But then he tied up this conversation with a video that sends a very clear message to The Donald.

When a guy that pretended to be pregnant in a movie and got famous from looking great in a speedo actually “acts presidential” and the President-elect does not, has not, and seemingly will not, you have a pretty good window into what the next four years will be like. I hope you brought enough whiskey because I ain’t sharing.

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