Trump Appointee Sid Bowdidge Sacked Over Vicious Tweets Against Muslims

On March 10, 2017, reported that Sid Bowdidge, a massage therapist who in 2016 worked as a ground campaign manager for President Donald Trump and  following Trump’s inauguration began working at the U.S. Department of Energy as an “assistant” to Department Secretary Rick Perry, is out of the job, effective immediately.

Indeed, Bowdidge praised Trump heavily throughout the campaign. In the middle of 2015, he remarked:

“[Trump’s] a guy who gets it done. He’s all about getting it done. He’s been successful. This country needs to be run more like a business and he absolutely knows how to run a business.”

Like many Trump supporters, Bowdidge took a particularly dim view of Muslims, frequently lighting up Twitter with vitriol about it. In one Tweet, he wrote:

“Obama won’t use the term radical islam because they’re his relatives!!!!”

In another Tweet, he declared that Muslims were:

“Scum sucking maggots of the world. Exterminate them all.”

In another Tweet, he used explicit and profane language that made no secret of his true feelings.

Though speculation is rife that Bowdidge was let go after word got around about his prejudicial and divisive Tweets, neither he nor the U.S. Department of Energy have been forthcoming about the matter. Spokesperson Bob Haus replied to via email:

“Normally, we do not comment on personnel matters. In this case, we can confirm that Sid Bowdidge is no longer employed at the Department of Energy… His employment ended today.”

Bowdidge himself was even more cagey. After called him on his official Department of Energy phone line to ask about his Twitter account, he referred them to Department’s public affairs office, telling them:

“I’m not saying anything. You may be a nice guy, unfortunately there are so many reporters that will be coy and cordial, nice and warm and friendly, and then you open your mouth and before you know it you’ve wished you didn’t say anything.”

However, two Department of Energy employees have confirmed that Bowdidge did, in fact, own and use that Twitter account, which as of this writing is protected, meaning that only his followers can view his content.

Bowdidge is the fifth Trump Administration appointee to be let go since Trump’s inauguration in January, following the departures of acting Attorney General Sally Q. Yates, Senior National Security Council adviser Craig Deare, Shermichael Singleton, a senior advisor in the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. With the damage accumulating, some believe that it may be a short time before Trump’s Presidency implodes.


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