Trump Apologists Fail To Explain The Lunacy Of Saturday Morning

Even the most brazen Republican stooges are beginning to question Trump’s sanity. Over the weekend, Breitbart and many of the right-wing lunatic fringe have claimed that Barack Obama broke the law and tapped Trump’s phone. This is a revealing insight into the minds of the paranoids that Trump relies on for “the real news” while he says the “failing” New York Times and CNN are “fake news.” (Of course, in this instance his stooges are pointing to a NYT story as proof of this allegation, which it isn’t.)¬†

That statement of fact is a lie. Even his surrogates claim that there is reason to investigate, not that it is fact. The man in the Oval Office has no regard for all of the men of integrity who thought enough of their countryman to tell the truth, at least most of the time, rather than blatantly and flagrantly lie to everyone both here and abroad with reckless abandon. That statement demonstrates a complete and total break from reality. He is the most powerful man in the world right now, with the resources of the greatest intelligence agency the world has ever known, and he ignores them to cite a preposterous and baseless article from Breitbart as evidence of president Obama committing a crime. He didn’t stop.

Well, that explains why Paul Manafort, Mike Flynn, Jared Kushner, Carter Page and Jeff Sessions all met with Sergei Kislyak and lied about it. Did all of these men go rogue? Is Trump surrounded by Russian puppets, or is he one himself, since he won’t eject these men for lying about meeting with Russia — it seems one or the other is true.

Equivocating here is still lying.

As if to prove he was suffering from some kind temper tantrum flare-up, Trump then went off on the Governator. Why? Because Schwarzenegger is leaving the apprentice. Schwarzenegger took it in stride and knocked it down, but it seems that none of his surrogates are explaining why — in the midst of his “red scare” over wiretapping Obama — he appeared so concerned with his reputation of being a ratings getter¬†that he had to take a break from security and strike out at the former California Governor.

The media was not deterred. They continued to seek answers regarding Trump’s assertion-of-fact that President Obama tapped his phones. Even those who tend to be reserved when covering the White House could not help grilling Trump’s lackeys on Sunday morning. Martha Raddatz drilled Sarah Huckabee Sanders mercilessly until even she had to punt.

Many Trump voters and apologists have proffered that Trump is crazy like a fox and not actually crazy. He’s going to ‘git ‘er done’ and show all them fancy Washington types what a businessman can do. For those who have studied Trump’s psychological pathology, the evidence is more revealing, and though it does not meet clinical standards for a diagnosis, it seems real reason for concern.

As does this:

There are no cases of this. Not in any science papers, not in any medical reports known to exist, or in any database anywhere in the entire world. It is absurd. Trump may have read some quack blog that also puts out nothing but nonsense, yet put it out as if he had discovered the cause of autism.

Then, he doubled down — sans proof again:

Here is a man who has no scientific education claiming he is right about vaccinations. He has no proof. He has no science to back him up. There are no scientific journals that justify this preposterous claim. There is nothing true about this. What Trump has demonstrated over and again is that he does not care one iota about the truth. Perhaps that is why none of his surrogates have been able to deftly explain away the apparent Saturday morning madness.

Trump is woefully incompetent and seems unable to distinguish fact from fiction; which may not be important to his supporters but to the rest of us who comprehend what nuclear weapons can do to this planet, we can’t be so compliant or forgiving of an insane man with the launch codes.

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Thomas is a disgruntled rake-hell full of piss and vinegar about this last election that he fully intends to unleash on the Goon Commander when he brings his gang of incorrigible reprobates into the White House.

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