Trump Administration Keeps Critical Great Lakes Ecosystem Report Secret

It’s hard to fathom why the leader of any country would actively work against the good of their own people, but that appears to be what is emerging from the Trump administration, especially as it relates to the environment and protecting America’s ecosystem.

Last week, a live Asian carp was caught just 9 miles downstream of Lake Michigan. That might not sound like a big deal, until you realize the amount of destruction that particularly voracious invasive species could inflict on the ecosystem, along with the area’s $7 billion commercial fishing industry, if it is allowed to invade the Great Lakes.

Rather than addressing the critical environmental and economic issue, the Trump administration has been withholding a study that could hold the solution as if it were a top secret report.


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has studied ways to make the Brandon Road Lock and Dam on Des Plaines River less susceptible to a breach by invasive species, but did not release its findings as scheduled in February.

The co-chairs of the U.S. House of Representatives’ Great Lakes Task Force, which includes Rep. Marcy Kaptur, Democrat from Toledo, Rep. David Joyce, a Republican from Russell Township, and several others from nearby states, also called for release of the study.

The Chicago Tribune suggests that the Trump administration’s refusal “to release a government study on new proposals to prevent carp from moving upstream from the Illinois River, where the fish already have wreaked havoc on the ecosystem,” may be connected to the $5 million Great Lakes Restoration Initiative that Trump wants to essentially eliminate from his EPA budget.

Trump’s slash-and-burn budget agenda makes no sense in the richest nation on earth. Unless there is another reason behind turning North America’s largest source of fresh water into a dead sea. Could it have something to do with blunting the effects of deficit-exploding tax cuts for billionaires like Trump?

As The Hill points out,

President Trump’s sweeping proposal to cut corporate and business tax rates is raising GOP concerns about blowing up the deficit.

Trump’s agenda conjures images of a conniving child trying to figure out a way to steal his brother’s candy without his parents seeing him do it. It’s also remarkably consistent in the way it steers taxpayer money away from the many into the pockets of a select few with about as much moral conscience as a snake eating its own young.

Therefore, it’s probably safe to bet that the Trump administration is hiding the Great Lakes ecosystem study because it reveals a way to solve the carp invasion and other problems but will cost money that Trump would rather give to himself and fellow 1 percent swamp-dwellers in the form of gigantic tax cuts.

The Atlantic called the Trump budget a “Cruel Con.” Based on what we’ve seen so far, it’s hard to argue with that.

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