Trans Soldiers Are ‘Too Costly’ But An Aston Martin Is Just Fine

Trump looking like a dildo while the tax payers are bilked for Aston Martin and Bentleys

In the wake of Trump’s ban on transgender individuals serving in the military — an edict issued over Twitter by the thumbs of the internet troll in the White House — many of the military’s other expenses have come to light that gives us some contrast. We have since learned that the U.S military spent over $80 million dollars on erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra in 2014 alone, while this is not necessarily bad that is costly. But it seems there is yet another cost that has come to our attention: the price tag on an Aston Martin or a Bentley.

In a government audit, a contractor has been discovered to have bilked the Pentagon out of about $50 million dollars. The money went to a good cause, however. That is if you like Aston Martins or happen to be the significant other of a senior staffer working for New Century Consulting (NCC).

According to a report from Newsweek:

“Under Imperitas, NCC billed the government for Porsches, Alfa Romeos, a Bentley, an Aston Martin and a Land Rover and paid the significant others of senior staff an average of $420,000 as ‘executive assistants’ who worked from home, auditors found.”

Missouri Senator Clair McCaskill (D) was none too pleased with the obscenely wasteful burden thrust onto the American taxpayer.

“Whoever approved of this spending should be fired—it’s a slap in the face to Missouri taxpayers and the entire contracting process,” McCaskill said. “I’m going to get to the bottom of what happened with this contract and why a company with so many previous problems keeps getting contracts.”

Donald Trump — who was very concerned with the approximately $8 million dollars spent on health care for transgender soldiers — has remained palpably silent on rich contractors stealing from the American people.

To top this off, Trump is nearing an estimated $60 million dollars on the cost of his vacations alone after just 200 days on the job. To give us some perspective, Obama spent $97 million dollars on his vacations. In all 8 years in office.

With numbers like that, Trump will be the most expensive President in U.S history.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons, Gage Skidmore

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