‘Tough guy’ Sheriff Joe Arpaio Caught Begging For Help In Blast Email

Infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio was found in contempt of court for refusing to comply with a court order that bans racial profiling on traffic patrols.

On Monday the infamous former sheriff of Arizona’s Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio, was found guilty of contempt of court for refusing to comply with a court order that prohibited him and his department from using racial targeting in traffic patrols.

It seems that “America’s toughest sheriff” is not at all happy with his conviction, and he has now sent out a “blast mail” to like-minded people, literally begging for help (i.e. money).

On Friday, Republican film maker Dennis Michael Lynch posted the email on his blog and stated that it needed to get more attention, and of course we’re happy to oblige, but maybe just not in the way he imagined.

In the email (which is littered with bold and caps-locked characters) “tough guy” Joe Arpaio all of a sudden doesn’t sound so tough at all. Some people might even say that he is whining:

“After fighting a years-long legal battle in a case that stemmed from my outspoken stance against illegal immigration, a judge ruled this week that I am guilty of failing to follow a temporary court order that prohibited me and my deputies from arresting or detaining illegal aliens that were not suspects in a state crime. We abided by that order. Period. Sadly, during a bench trial the judge disagreed and found me guilty. I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in the judge’s ruling. We presented a solid case which proved beyond a reasonable doubt that never did I or my deputies do anything wrong.”

Mr. Arpaio seems to have conveniently forgotten exactly why U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton “disagreed” with him. The judge explicitly wrote:

“Not only did defendant abdicate responsibility, he announced to the world and to his subordinates that he was going to continue business as usual no matter who said otherwise.”

It surely looks like someone’s own words came back to bite them in the behind, doesn’t it?

Joe Arpaio also complains about facing “up to SIX MONTHS in jail” though it is hardly likely that he’ll be going to jail at all due to his age (85).

What the email all boils down to is that he needs (your) money to fight this horrible and unfair conviction, and according to Dennis Michael Lynch, “this sort of thing would never happen under the Trump Administration,” which he probably is all to correct in assuming, so let’s all be thankful that the Obama Administration lasted long enough for the people of Maricopa County to vote Arpaio out of office in November.

P.S. If you want to support poor, persecuted Joe Arpaio, you can go here to donate money to his Legal Defense Fund.

Featured image: CC-BY-SA 2.0 2016 Gage Skidmore via Flickr.






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