Top 10 Reasons To Vote For Donald Trump This November

Top 10 Reasons To Vote For Donald Trump For President This November

America has always functioned rather smoothly with her time-tested system of checks and balances, however, I seriously doubt that there is a force, powerful enough in our nation, let alone the known universe that could even begin to balance out Donald Trump’s convoluted way of thinking! The following list is meant to be taken lightly and is completely satirical in nature, so please do not read this if you are not the type of individual who usually seems to ‘get’ jokes or has a difficult time seeing the humor in very serious matters.

1). You have a deep seeded hatred for America and the people who call it home and want to see the American dream ultimately destroyed.

2). You are a racist, homophobic, bigoted, anti-semitic, selfish, self-centered, wealthy American or some combination thereof and or basically a complete jerk.

3). You are essentially a wimp or a wuss who has never in your miserable exitance stood up for yourself and is completely content with spending the next 4-8 years being pushed around by a pompous clown (no offense to any actual clowns out there) who thinks he knows everything.

4). You have a knack for always making poor decisions that gravely affect your immediate future and that of those around you!

5). You wholeheartedly believe that Mexicans and Muslims can sometimes be decent enough people, so long as they stay in their native land’s and never, ever even consider entering America for any reason at all!

6). You believe that the wealthiest among us deserve even more tax breaks and therefore more money while the rest of us fight to the death over their table scraps.

7). You want to see a lying, conniving, scheming, snake oil salesman become the leader of the largest and most powerful military industrial complex in the world today.

8). You think that it would be an excellent idea to elect a businessman to the highest office in all of the land, a businessman, mind you that has had to declare bankruptcy several times throughout his career and absolutely butchers the living, breathing document (the U.S. Constitution) that our society is founded on, every chance he gets.

9). Somehow, you have been duped into believing that a man who has literally cut every possible corner in his entire life and who is so such a self-absorbed, arrogant, know it all, is in any way, shape, or form responsible or even trustworthy enough to be left in charge of a third grade class, let alone the most powerful nation in the entire world .

10). You essentially hate humanity and any accomplishments or discoveries that we have made because it is a reasonable assumption that ‘President Donald Trump’ will become the major catalyst for ¬†America’s involvement in a possible ‘World War III’ which will inevitably usher in the annihilation of the entire human race.

About Walter Pinkman 165 Articles
Walt is a grumpy, crochety, ball busting, bitter old son of a bitch - who at the ripe old age of 64 has had enough with the manner in which the G.O.P. has been treating the only nation that he calls home. Walt is a native New Yorker, retired long-line fisherman and therefore a bit rough around the edges, he is completely pissed off with the state of the American political circus that has been created by the right-wing.Last year Walter finally decided (against his better judgement) to begin voicing his brash and uncensored opinions across the vast expanse of the internet. Walter claims that his reason for getting involved in political commentary so late in life is that he has finally realized the fact that if he doesn't voice his opinion, he has no right to complain. If this writing stuff pans out decently, Walter's next order of business is retiring someplace "tropical with plenty of nude beaches" (thanx Walter, now I need to bleach that image from my brain)opin , blech!

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