Tomi Lahren Hired By Fox News (Yawn), Twitter Reacts, Hilarious! (Video)

tomi lahren fox news reaction

Stereotypical “blonde bombshell” conservative pundit Tomi Lahren, who was ousted by Glenn Beck, has been hired by Fox News.

No one is surprised, they were apparently made for each other. The reactions from Twitter, priceless and hilarious.

You know, maybe if Fox didn’t have a culture that, at the very least, overlooks sexual harassment and a habit of hiring women they showcase like beautiful empty artwork, people would have been shocked:

You see, when she admitted that her beliefs didn’t allow for telling women what to do with their bodies, she was excised from the Blaze:

But, Tomi Lahren has long used her youth and good looks to hook in audiences and spew her racist rhetoric and eventual Trump fangirling. So that is likely what won her the new job at Fox:

(Editor’s note: This article has been updated to post an apology by Matt Lipton for the above tweet, we believe you will understand why.)

So, no, no one is shocked by this hire. Looking at some of the Conservative tweets on there, if Fox hired for worth, brains, education or ability over looks, they’d lose their fan base:

The saddest thing is the eventual price we will all pay for this hire because we are going to be seeing a lot more of her now:

The reality of this is that this woman who is a devout anti-feminist machismo-worshiper, makes racist statements and has made a career on spewing hateful conservative rhetoric and talking points seems to have finally found a real home.

This, a woman who praises frat-boys as the last bastion of real masculinity, is Fox News’ next big thing. Sad.


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