Tom Brokaw Lets Us Know What Would Happen If Obama Behaved Like Trump (VIDEO)

tom brokaw
tom brokaw

Going from President Obama to 45 has been like going from the London Symphony to an 8-year-old playing the banjo. Never before has our republic and the institutions it holds dear been threatened quite like they are right now. But can you imagine if President Obama pulled even a quarter of the unhinged and unethical behavior Trump is doing?

I can safely tell that you that President Obama would be given a one-way ticket to Guantanamo Bay since the man couldn’t cut a fart without the GOP coming after him. And this was a most thoughtful, caring and serious man who went eight solid years without a single scandal or major ethical lapse. Legendary journalist Tom Brokaw appeared on MSNBC’s ¬†Morning Joe to weigh in:

“We haven’t even really begun the investigation in earnest in a public way,” Scarborough said.

“This is beginning to be an extraordinarily important political moment in the life of this country and the presidency about how a man conducts himself as a chief executive,” Brokaw declared.

Brokaw then went on to say what exactly would happen if President Obama did any of these mind-blowing criminal acts or even behaved the same way.

“Think if President Obama were behaving like this at this point about how the fire would be on out there on conservative media about it. It would be an enormous uprising, a conflagration if you will,” the NBC News veteran said Friday morning.

Indeed, that is precisely what would happen and more. Hypocrisy is the only thing that today’s Republicans and conservative media know. If they made racist slurs and freak outs over the tiniest of infractions, can you imagine the meltdowns they would be having on the daily if President Obama did any of this? Kudos to Tom Brokaw for pointing out this most disgusting hypocrisy

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