Thousands Flee Puerto Rico For Mainland: Hurricane Maria Still Owns The Island

thousand flee puerto rico hurricain maria still owns island mainland
Thousands flee Puerto Rico for the mainland because of the destruction

Trump may claim his administration is doing a ‘terrific’ job of cleaning up the mess Hurricane Maria left on Puerto Rico, but the American citizens there don’t agree. So they are moving to the mainland by the tens of thousands. Hurricane Maria, it seems, still owns the island.

Nearly a month after the category 5 storm turned the tropical Island paradise into a disaster area, most Puerto Ricans are still without electricity, clean drinking water, access to medical care, and a roof over their heads. Some feel the president has failed them, especially in the wake of threats to abandon them before basic services are completely restored.

Within the past two weeks, some 20,000 Puerto Ricans have landed at airports in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando, and those numbers are expected to rise, according to US News & World Report.

But Florida is not the only destination for these storm victims. “People are living with relatives in states with large Puerto Rican populations, such as New York, Illinois, Florida and Connecticut. They are searching for jobs, schools for their children and housing,” according to Voice of America.

Trump’s response to disaster relief on Puerto Rico doesn’t match the rapid attention Texas and Florida received after getting slammed by hurricanes this season.

As Think Progress points out, “… In Florida, Hurricane Irma’s high winds caused one of the largest natural disaster power outages in U.S. history. The day after the storm hit, 62 percent of Florida’s 10.5 million households were without power. Power restoration efforts were swift in most parts of Florida…. For the people of Puerto Rico, most are still sweltering in the dark in the wake of Maria…”

There may be significant political repercussions should a large number of the 3.4 million Puerto Ricans move to the U.S. mainland. On their Island, they can’t vote. On the mainland they can.

After this, there’s a good chance they won’t vote Republican.

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