This Mother Of Five Was Hauled Off To Jail Because She Didn’t Cut The Grass (VIDEO)

Ebony Conner was at her home with her 5 children when a code enforcement officer from Cahokia Illinois showed up to tell her that her grass was wildly out of control. She was told that she needed to neaten her lawn and tow away dilapidated cars before suddenly being arrested and taken to jail. She had five children in her home at the time.

Ebony told KMOV-TV

“I’ve never heard of being arrested for grass,” Conner told the local news station. ” Had I [known] that, hell, I would have gone back and chopped the grass off myself with something.”

If we have learned anything this past week, it’s that people with too much melanin in their bodies are more prone to be arrested or shot for it. Are the police in Illinois so bereft of things to do that they must take a mother away from her 5 children because of improper grass cutting?!

“My next door neighbor’s grass is much higher than hers and she doesn’t get in trouble for it, but then my neighbor is related to a Cahokia Code Enforcement officer too,” one commented.

The Cahokia Police Department has a Facebook page that isn’t very active but after seeing this report, you’d like to go and leave a review for them, you can click the link or you can call (618) 337-9505 and leave a message. Montgomery Alabama news.

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