Does Donald Trump Really Deserve A Chance?

Or Do We Already Know Enough To Be Terrified?

Donald Trump’s 61 million plus supporters say they voted for him because he is refreshingly politically incorrect and tells it like it is. They say he is a brilliant businessman and not a politician. They say he is an outsider and is going to drain the swamp in Washington. They say he exudes machismo and strength and is going to bring jobs back to America and create millions of new ones. They say he is going to negotiate terrific good deals and get rid of the old bad ones. They say most of all, he is going to make America “great again.” The exemplary list goes on.

The almost 63 million who voted against Trump is singing a starkly different tune. They say he is unqualified to be president; that he is incompetent and dangerous; that he’s racist, bigoted, misogynistic, sexist and a sexual predatorThey say he is not going to drain the swamp, he is the swamp. They say he committed numerous counts of fraud, indulged in “pay-for play” and lies 70 percent of the time. They say he used his foundation as his personal piggy bank, evaded paying taxes for almost two decades, will give tax breaks to the wealthy and destroy the economy. They say he is a phony who is pretending to be for the “the little man on main street,” when he is actually for “the fat cats on “one percenter” street.” They say he will monetize the presidency with his excessive conflict of interest, is exploiting nepotism laws and will jeopardize not only the stability of America but the globe. The list against him goes on.

President-elect Donald J Trump sees himself as a knight on a white horse, the only one who can ride in and rescue this country from a perceived state of decline. He says he wants to make America “great again” and the military strong again. He says he will be “the best jobs president ever,” who “knows more than the generals” and will bomb the hell out of ISIS. He flaunts his admiration for Russia’s Vladimir Putin, called him a better president than Barack Obama and says he wants to improve relationships with Russia. Trump even urged them to hack Hillary Clinton during the campaign.  He says he is great at deals and would negotiate the best ones for America, would repeal Obamacare, roll back Roe vs Wade, punish women for abortions and imprison Hillary Clinton. He called Mexicans “rapists” and “murderers,” said he would build a great, big wall on the Mexican border and force Mexico to pay for it. He said he would ban all Muslims entering the country and said if NATO Allies do not pay up, he would withdraw America’s support. The to-do list goes on.

Will The Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up

So just who is Donald J Trump? His children painted a picture of a saint during a Barbara Walters Interview and wife Melania—well she sees this 70-year-old as a cheeky boy, who was “egged on.”  Remember her sit down with CNN’s Anderson Cooper after the grab women by the genitals without their permission audio leaked? (this audio has since been scrubbed from the Internet). His surrogates gave varying degrees of their boss on the campaign trail and to hear them tell it, Trump is a god among mere mortals.

Now Republican talking heads, legislators and even President Obama are urging Americans to give him a chance, when no one seems to know which Trump will show up as president after January 20th. He has already changed his stance on major platforms he ran on. Yet despite the multiply trumps seen over the course of the election, and the current hardliners assembled at the apex to help him govern, many are calling for anti-Trump protesters in front of Trump Tower to acquiesce and for the rest of us to fall in line.  But this conflicts with our New York City anti-terrorism slogan-“If you see something, say something.”

New Yorker’s know first-hand what terror or danger feels like, look like, smell like. So why would they embrace danger? Would you run towards a terrorist bomb? Well that’s what giving Trump a chance feels like… seeing danger and saying nothing; turning the other way or giving it the benefit of the doubt, while waiting to see if that ticking bomb– with an obvious timer running down in flashing, terrifying red– would explode. (Too harsh? Since we’re in the age of Trump’s tell-it-like-it-is era, am sure he and his supporters will appreciate this conversation).

Stop telling us to be quiet in the face of impending doom. Moreover, Trump is not being ambivalent about his style of “rule.” His cabinet picks so far resembles an all-white boys club in the 50s deep south. This tells America that inclusion, diversity and bridging divides are not on his agenda. Moreover, he has shown us that his lack of impulse control supersedes bringing the country together—which translate to an incredulous lack of judgement at the executive level. Instead of incessantly tweeting over actors exercising their first amendment rights and SNL skits, why didn’t he use that time to address the growing unrest in the country? The growing violence and overt racism flaunted in his name on the national stage? (Neo-Nazis and white supremacists saluted  his “emperorship” three days ago in Washington).

Instead of tweeting furiously, he should try acting presidential if he wants a sliver of a chance. Then again some have suggested that this tweet storm was used as  ”weapons of mass distraction.” His mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway did let her guard slip last week to a reporter and in  a rare form of candor since taking over Trump’s campaign management, said “what you see is what you get”–speaking of the president elect.

So let’s judge him on what we see. The lack of diversity in Trump’s cabinet picks speak volumes about where he intends to take the country. The fiscally irresponsible choose of living apart that he and wife has reportedly arranged for the first year of his presidency because of their child’s 4th grade education is staggering. His incredible display of a lack of knowledge or a complete disregard for how the office of the presidency functions, should terrify everyone. The mixing of his personal business deals, nepotism and a blatant “president for profits” approach is off the charts.

Give him a chance? In whose world is it acceptable to see a clear and present danger looming and not act to avert, prevent, circumvent or defend?


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One thing is certain, we are living in incredibly precipitous times and though it looks gloomy from the top, all is definitely not lost. Activism has awoken to heady heights; citizen involvement deeply refreshing and civics awareness is growing daily. Moreover, a revolution of spirit and togetherness is undulating throughout the land. So do not despair-- for a resilient, united, vigilant people can move mountains and overcome anything.

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