Donald Trump’s Failings Will End Male Rule Over America

(This article has been updated.)

Donald Trump declared his seventh bankruptcy last night; it was a moral bankruptcy. His personal failings will end 240 years of exclusively male rule over America.

At the second Presidential debate Trump was an angry, stalking presence. It looked like he had blood coming out of his, whatever.

He threatened to put Hillary Clinton in jail. That’s what dictators do: jail their political opponents. That’s what Vladimir Putin does. That’s what Saddam Hussein did.  Trump, of course, speaks approvingly of both men.

Would Trump’s presidency be any different than theirs?

The Poverty of Donald Trump

In Trump, there’s no compassion. There’s no soul. There’s no wisdom. Anyone entering their seventh decade of life who lacks these essential characteristics is poor indeed.

It’s a poverty wrapped in a wad of seven billion one-dollar bills.

Ronald Reagan famously paid for the microphone at his presidential debate. Donald Trump not only didn’t pay for his mike, he hasn’t paid a cent in taxes for, what, twenty years or more? Maybe his entire adult life.

In moral terms, Donald Trump is the poorest man ever to have run for President.

Donald Trump is a Crass Act

Daddy Drumpf didn’t raise no fool, but he didn’t raise no gentleman, either. A gentleman would have apologized to all women once the video came out, if not 11 years earlier.  And he’d have apologized to Barack Obama, and the Khans, and the Mexicans and the Syrians and the Muslims and the list goes on and on.

He’s done significant and lasting damage to his campaign.  America’s women now want to build a wall around Donald Trump, and make him pay for it.

Trump’s “apology” to women wasn’t one. His second apology wasn’t one, either. And neither will be the third or the fourth or the tenth because he doesn’t mean it and won’t mean it and can’t mean it because he lacks the capacity to admit something he did isn’t Perfectly Perfect in Every Way.

Now Trump says it was all locker room talk. We already know what locker room he goes to: 24 Hour Unfitness.

No Nixon-style Checkers speech will salvage this dog of a campaign.

Once again we’ve lost faith in a man in whom we justifiably had no faith.

The Snake

But is anyone surprised? Do you remember Trump’s poem, “The Snake”? You will recall in April 10`6 he slithered into a press conference, reading glasses on.

“You knew darn well I was a snake before you took me in,” Trump read.

The poem wasn’t about Syrian refugees entering America as Trump pretended. It was about Donald Trump entering the Presidential race.

“You knew darn well I was a snake before you took me in.”

Let that sink in.

It took Trump’s appalling crudity for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to distance himself from Trump, but Ryan should never have aligned with him in the first place. Throw Ryan from the train, too, along with every Republican who didn’t call Trump out as unqualified in temperament, knowledge or experience. That’s been on display for more than a year now.

There is no redemption for a moral bankrupt.  You can’t wipe the slate clean with a caustic debate performance.

Donald Trump is a tragic figure, this generation’s Citizen Kane.

Let Donald Trump live out his days at Mar-a-Lago, his Xanadu. He can soak in his Olympic-size hot tub with Melania preening at his side. That is, until he deems her too old, too short, too fat or not “perky” enough. Hopefully Mrs. Trump number four won’t make the same mistake.

Let Citizen Trump spend his nights wrestling with thoughts of what could have been, what almost was but will not be.

His 3 am tweets will find no hearts, no retweets, no response except from his approving Deplorables.

Charles Foster Kane, patterned after the wealthy William Randolph Hearst, was a wannabe politician too. His temperament was the equal of Donald Trump’s.

Its the end of a 240-year old tradition.

After a year of Trump’s vitriol directed at women, it’s fitting that he will now lose the Presidency to the first serious female candidate.

That’s the real story here. The death of the male monopoly on the presidency. That legacy is twisting slowly, slowly in the wind, just as the white monopoly ended with Barack Obama.

The November election results will proclaim the King is Dead.

Long live the queen.



This article has been updated and was formerly entitled “The Essential Poverty of Donald Trump”.
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