The One Time Pat Robertson Got Something Right About Christmas (VIDEO)

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As the old saying goes, “Sometimes, even a blind squirrel finds a nut.”

Pat Robertson spends many of his days getting things wrong, but Christmas is a time for miracles. On this day, Robertson answers a viewer who is perplexed on what to tell a neighbor who insists that Christmas was originally a Pagan holiday. One might expect Pat to go into a diatribe about how the Bible is infallible and Christmas is Christ’s holiday, but no — Pat does something truly amazing … he tells the truth.

Robertson explains to the troubled reader that their neighbor is correct, Christmas was born out of a pagan holiday. The preacher and former Presidential candidate then goes on to describe, in the most salacious way, about Saturnalia, a Pagan holiday that pre-dates Christ and was “borrowed” and “Christianized” by the Roman government.

By the end of the clip, Robertson minces no words;

‘All this business about mistletoe, Pagan. Christmas trees, Pagan. Giving out gifts, Pagan — we’ve ‘Christianized’ it all.’

Check out the startling clip HERE;

In full disclosure, the viewer that won’t celebrate Christmas, based on the way the question was worded, was most likely due to being a more conservative Christian than Robertson or his confused flock member asking the question. Interesting that Robertson says they “Christianized” all the various traditions. Kind of like they converted the holiday like through some sort of baptism — unleashing the ‘ok’ from God to give gifts, decorate trees and kiss under the mistletoe.

Maybe Robertson came to the right answer for the wrong reasons, but one must, at least, give credit where credit is due for admitting Christmas is actually a Pagan tradition. Christmas is a time for giving, so I can certainly give him that. I can forgive some of the technical details he may have missed — after all, it is the Christian thing to do — to forgive.

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