The Misogynist In Chief

We’ve watched the misogynist Trump Circus roll through the country for months now. He’s dropped misogynistic bomb after bomb on the country’s political landscape as if he is Teflon Don. I don’t think Trump has ever faced consequences for any of his crimes – from tax fraud – to sexual harassment – to running a huge real estate Ponzi scheme – perhaps the biggest in our country’s history. But he will pay for disrespecting women. Why?

Because we remember…

“Women Are Essentially Aesthetically-Pleasing Objects”

We all remember guys like Trump from our younger working and dating years. He’s the chauvinistic pig boss that touched our ass ever so slightly as we passed him in the hall, or asked us what size bathing suit we ‘fit in”.  Trump’s the man who told us we’d have a better chance at a promotion if we just wore a shorter skirt. Donald’s the boss who reminded us frequently that if we just smiled a little more we’d be a lot prettier. Trump has said that “Women are essentially aesthetically-pleasing objects.” He’s also the boss who took credit for our good work and accused us of dropping the ball when he screwed up. He’s the creepy boss who asked our co-workers how he “could get her in bed,” and when we spurned his sexual advances, he made an example of us by treating us like dirt and passing us over for a promotion. He’s the married father who preyed upon young, naïve girls in the office because as Trump said, “Like you wouldn’t have your job if you weren’t beautiful.”  He, with the bad comb over, is the one who traded in his aging wife for a new model as soon as she showed the slightest sign of wear. Oh, yes, we all know Donald Trump.

“Tell that bitch to be cool. Say: ‘Bitch be cool”

Trump is also the asshole we dated a few times that pawed all over us and once we protested asked us “why are you getting so upset, I’m not easy.” He’s the guy who repeatedly asked you to come over and help him ‘mow his lawn’ in an attempt to get you to his lair without so much as buying you a drink. Donald Trump is that frat boy who views women as chattel. Trump even said so when talking about his favorite movie quote from Pulp Fiction, “My favorite part is when Sam has his gun out in the diner and he tells the guy to tell his girlfriend to shut up. Tell that bitch to be cool. Say: ‘Bitch be cool.’ I love those lines.” He’s the one who went to the right schools, drove the expensive car, and had family money and he made sure that everyone knew it. But if you were not impressed, he made sure that everyone knew that you were a “cold fish.” Oh yes, we all know Donald Trump

The Invisible Middle Aged Woman: Dog, Fat Pigs, Bimbos

They call us invisible, we middle-aged women. But guess what Trump, we’re older and wiser with power over our own lives and we vote in droves. We are one of the largest voting blocks in the country. We don’t care about your money, never did. We do care that you have talked about not only how gross our menstrual cycle is, but also about how gross it is when we pee, or that pumping breast milk is “disgusting.” We do care that you call us ugly, dogs, fat pigs, bimbos, and disgusting animals. We do care that you have insulted, belittled, stereotyped and sexualized us because as you said, you don’t “have time for total political correctness.” Don’t worry, we know exactly who you are and this time you are the one who is not getting the promotion. Or in simpler terms you might understand, “You’re Fired!”

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