The Men and Women Who Just Might Save the Republic


Nothing makes me bristle more than when I hear one of my liberal friends say “All the cable channels are exactly alike. MSNBC is no different from Fox News.” Such incredible ignorance. Are their parent companies both right-leaning? Yeah, they are, but that’s about the extent of their similarities. In the case of Comcast-Universal, their flagship program is the Rachel Maddow Show. And it’ll be a cold day in Anthony Wiener’s underpants when Fox News or even CNN hires the likes of her. She’s the real deal, and the network doesn’t muzzle her.

For those of you without cable, she’s entertaining, engaging, and absolutely brilliant. She got her PhD in PoliSci from Oxford University. Yes, that Oxford. The one across the pond that was established 850 years ago. And when she reports a story like this one, people all across the political spectrum take note.

Spend a few minutes of your busy day taking this in. It is IMPORTANT. If even half of it turns out to be true, then we’re entering some historic, perilous times. And if it all turns out to be true, and this British MI6 agent now on the lam has uncovered actual hard evidence of a collusion between the incoming Trump oligarchy and the oligarchy presently ensconced in the Kremlin, then we’ll owe this guy—a man named Christopher Steele—everything. We may just witness him being awarded the Medal of Freedom one fine day in years to come. Or our descendants, the unveiling of a monument to his likeness in Washington. And that’s no bullshit. If this turns out to be true. A big IF, granted… But at this moment, Chris Steele is on the run for his life, because the information he’s uncovered has upset a mighty large apple cart. People have been known to die from Polonium toxicity for much less.

We have no idea how this is going to play out. But I’m cautiously optimistic, now that the Senate has agreed to investigate this Russia/Trump story. Over at Fox News of course, they’re claiming it’s all a smokescreen to deflect from Hillary’s emails. Again, which idiot wants to be the first to claim there’s no difference between these cable outlets?

Considering the magnitude of these allegations, the nature of the actors and entities involved, the thickness of the bankrolls of the cast of characters, I will be amazed if nobody turns up dead before this story concludes. There’s so much at stake here. Unimaginable wealth, hyper-nationalism, and most of all, power. Men who’ve already accumulated more wealth than they can spend in ten lifetimes, men like Don the Con and Vlad the Cad, crave only the latter: POWER. Which according to Henry Kissinger, is the ultimate aphrodisiac (and he ought to know). Such men would gladly sacrifice their ill-begotten billions for the title of absolute ruler of the world. Which I believe, is what we’re witnessing being played out.

There are good guys and bad guys in this story. The bad guys are self-evident. The good guys are the people who are risking their lives to get the story out. First and foremost, Christopher Steele. And journalists like David Corn and Rachel Maddow who are willing to stand up to power to make sure We the People know what’s going on. And in those rare cases, members of Congress who take on these criminals, in the hope that our Republic might survive.

Again, we don’t know yet how much of this is true. But if it is as has been reported here, then we’re on the cusp of a crisis that will dwarf Watergate. And as with that scandal, Its outcome is largely in the hands of the Fourth Estate.

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