The Meme Reaction To Jeff Sessions’ Testimony

Sessions testimony breeds memes
Sessions testimony breeds meme reactions

Jeff Sessions testified today, in front of Congress. This article is not about the substance of that testimony (if you are looking for some of that, click here). This article is about the meme reaction sweeping through Twitter as Americans realize that this hearing confirms much of Comey’s testimony, but other than that… it is exactly what we expected.

Cue the memes, of course, because that is how the internet deals with stressful situations:

It seems that no one really thought he would say much:

But when he did speak:

When it  comes right down to it, it seems that the amount of double speak wasn’t surprising:

But at least he was following “longstanding policy!”:

Basically, it is really simple, he equivocated so much his name could be “fake news.”:

Then he didn’t know the policy he was invoking but then ran out the clock with Kamala Harris before he had to admit he hadn’t even reviewed it:

It seems that overall, the entire hearing was what we expected; Sessions protecting his butt and his boss, yet still having to confirm James Comey’s testimony. What we do know is that not even his sickeningly sweet forced drawl makes swallowing that much bullsh*t palatable.

There will be many serious articles about this, and this article is not meant to take away from a very serious situation. If we don’t laugh, we are never going to last the next four years, resistance is tiring and laughter heals the soul. If you enjoyed the laugh, why not pass it on for others?

Featured image via Twitter

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