LR the Liberal Redneck here, coming to you from a country that should and would be scared shitless if they could get past the endless WTF aspect of the GOP presidential candidate.

Every time you think he can’t possibly get any worse, he pulls another gem out of his ass and proves us wrong. It is near impossible to keep track of every inane statement that comes out of his mouth, but the bat shit crazy stuff seems to have escalated when the GOP plan to eliminate Hillary exploded in their face with the announcement by the FBI that there was no email scandal.

Up to that point the GOP felt they could handle their candidate by maintaining control of congress. Unfortunately for them they had no backup plan and the consequences of that oversight have been monumental. With no Hillary scandal to shield them, they have been forced into embracing their presidential candidate, or not as the case may be.

The RNC was a total disaster. The Republican governor of Ohio where it was held refused to attend. Every surviving Republican president refused to attend. The only ranking Republican who did speak told the delegates not to vote for their candidate.

Since that fiasco, the GOP presidential candidate has requested that a foreign power hack the emails of his opponent, has refused to release his tax forms, revealed his total lack of knowledge on world affairs by claiming Russia would never invade the Ukraine, called Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Senator Tim Kaine, formerly the governor of Virginia, a terrible governor of New Jersey, tried to back out of the presidential debates, maligned the grief-stricken family of an American war hero, called his opponent the Devil and claimed he was afraid that the election was already rigged against him, and we still have almost three months until the actual election.

In case you are wondering why I said we should be scared shitless of this moron, I ask you to consider this. In 2,000, Al Gore had 500,000 more votes than Bush and still lost the election. Shit happens. It especially happens when you don’t vote.


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