The Insidious Plot by Obama to Eliminate White People Through Climate Change (VIDEOS)

Wake up white people! If you’re not worried or don’t believe in climate change, global warming, the greenhouse effect, or whatever they want to call it… YOU SHOULD BE!!


It’s no secret that Barack Hussein Obama is a Kenyan member of the Muslim Brotherhood possessed by Satan who absolutely hates white people. He also has a weather controlling machine. Many people will tell you that Obama’s Weather Machine is a crackpot conspiracy theory just like they do about the chemtrails that we see in the sky everyday. But keep on fighting to expose those truths my fellow mayonnaise monkeys! Not only are they both a reality but they are being used in conjunction with each other for the most heinous reason.

There can only be one purpose for the weather machine and chemtrails and that’s to further deplete the ozone layer. So why is the president, while pretending like he wants to reverse climate change, trying to destroy the ozone? For the Ultraviolet (UV) Rays! By depleting the ozone layer the intensity of harmful UV Death Rays will increase. Obama is using these rays as part of his two pronged attack to eliminate whitey.

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Top Secret Diagram of the Obama Weather Machine

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The first way is through melanoma AKA skin cancer. Cases of skin cancer rises as the hole in the ozone layer expands. This has had a profound effect on skin cancer related deaths but more so on white people than black people. (See charts 1-3) This is due to the amount of melanin in our skin. Darker skin can withstand higher amounts of UV Rays with few negative effects. Not to say blacks do not get skin cancer at all but if they do, Obama doesn’t really care. Nothing will stop him from achieving his goal of being elected to a third presidential term and then ultimately becoming the Emperor of Earth (That’s another story for another time).

Chart 3 - How UV rays cause skin cancer
Chart 1 – How UV rays cause skin cancer
Chart 1 - Skin Cancer Deaths by Race
Chart 2 – Skin Cancer Deaths by Race
2012 CDC Study Skin Cancer Rates by Race and Sex
Chart 3 -2012 CDC Study Skin Cancer Rates by Race and Sex










The second way Obama will attempt to eliminate the White Devil is through a process of reverse evolution. I know, I know, I’m not happy about having to use unfounded scientific theories either but I have to give this evolution one some credence to err on the side of caution. If we totally ignore even the slightest possibility it might be true then Obama’s insidious plot to eliminate white people will succeed. And since I know all about Hussein Obama and his hatred of us “peckerwoods,” I am more inclined to believe it to be true than not. Now hang onto your Bibles my white brothers. Oh, and sisters too. As stomach turning as that evolution story is we are going to have to consider that it might be true. Though that’s more ridiculous than saying the earth is older than 6,000 years old. Some of these flim flam scientists would have us believe that all humans, even us white folk, are descendant from Africans. If you can stand it, watch this upcoming video from that biased Liberal Media television station PBS to see what they claim. It’s only about one minute long.

They want us to believe that everyone lived in Africa at the beginning of time and then we spread out across the planet. As I said earlier, because African skin is black they can handle the UV death-rays better. This is on account of something called melanin. The more melanin you have, the darker you are. Even when you’re outside in the sun you get a tan because of an increase of melanin. Dark skin was normal in areas of high UV radiation; like in tropical jungle places or deserts. Even in the high mountains near the equator, being that they’re closer to the sun and all, they tend to be darker too.. Eventually, we had to get the heck out of there because it was too damn hot all the time. So we moved to Europe and Asia to get farther away from the equator. As we went to the places that had nicer weather our skin finally became the right color – white. Hallelujah!  Check out this following video that explains it better than me.

How is this relevant to the second part of Obama’s plan? As I said before, reverse evolution! Now you know if white people stay out in the sun they get tan or burn. It will temporarily change our skin color. So if all humans originally had to have black skin because of the UV radiation and we didn’t become white until we migrated all over the place then it would seem to me to reverse that he would have to send everyone to Africa, right? But that won’t happen without a fight which would alert the whole country to what he’s up to. So he figured out that by depleting the ozone layer, using chemtrails and his weather machine, he can turn all of us and our future ancestors back into black people! He actually intends to cook all of us under the largest UV lamp ever, The Sun!

Folks, you have to believe we have a very serious problem here. But what can we to do to stop Emperor Obama’s black power hate machine? A revolution is no good since he’s already taken most of our guns and ammo. We can’t hide because of all them drones in the sky and satellites in outer space. So we are really left with only one option… GO GREEN! That’s right I said it! We all need to buy those hybrid and electric cars. Put solar panels on your roof or in your yard. Eat less red meat so the need for cows will be less which will in turn decrease cattle farts which they also say is bad for the ozone. Recycle. Use them twirly light bulbs. We need to sacrifice and do whatever it takes, whether we like it or not, to stop Obama! Because if we don’t, the white man will go the same route as those dinosaurs did a few thousand years ago.

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