Trump’s Strangest Flip-Flop-Flap Ever Just Happened, In About An Hour

trump nfl protests flipflop
You can't make this up.

Trump is a well-known slave to media attention and public opinion. His stances on issues are exactly as strong as his commitment to the truth. Now, that is even clearer: in a matter of hours, he flipped so hard he may have been in danger of breaking a hip on the NFL protests.

His tweet hours ago appeared to call for a full boycott of the NFL, though that appeared to backfire, due to protesting systemic racism:

That stance didn’t slow the NFL, protests worldwide, from London to home-town USA happened today. Players knelt, stood arm in arm, and refused to take the field all in obvious protest, despite the tweeter in chief’s nasty tweet.

As if to try to “fix” his terrible temper tantrum, Trump sent another tweet that screams “damage control” Trump suddenly only had a problem with the posture of the protests, not their substance nor their lack of “attention” to the national anthem:

It isn’t that they are protesting, it is simply that they were protesting in a less than “upright” posture. Sure, yeah, that’s about as true as 70 percent of what Trump says (hint: lies).

The utter nincompoopery of literally only caring whether the protest is in solidarity on foot or solo on bended knee lends zero credence to Trump’s attempt to spin his utterly unamerican call to boycott the NFL for allowing players to exercise their constitutional rights.  He is spinning alright, but it appears to be around the drain of public opinion while grasping at the drain to save himself.

But, maybe, he was wising up to public opinion and trying to back-peddle to look better? Because, obviously, standing or kneeling, a protest is a protest.

Nope, it appears that his problems actually are completely postural. Then, again, less than an hour later Trump was back to normal, throwing red meat to his base by retweeting a call for a boycott of the NFL:

It seems nothing in his world is clear, solid, or truthful except his need for media attention and to erase President Barack Obama.

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