Tesla’s Elon Musk Just Changed The World Forever (VIDEO)

Not since Karl Benz was tinkering around in his Carriage house engineering what would become the automobile has history had a more defining moment than when Elon Musk unveiled the solar powered Tesla Energy Wall.


It was a dream of Nikola Tesla to bring free energy to the world that eluded him his entire pioneering life but Elon Musk is going where no business heretofore has ever gone by smacking the faces of the most entrenched energy Robber Barons that have long suckled the profiteering teat of unsustainable energy.  Koch Industries are the chief instigators in denying climate science by buying the copious amounts of republican stooges who go out of their way to pass laws to subvert renewable energy but the Tesla Power Wall is about to change everything.

Basic economics will determine the success of solar energy and Tesla Energy will succeed because of it. The normal American household uses 10 kilowatts of energy a day which is what the TEW produces a day. The unit costs $3500 and for those homes that need more power, there are stackable batteries that can combine to make up to 90 kWt with 7 kilowatt packs costing an extra $3000. Each unit has a 10 year guarantee with an option to add another 10 years. Units will be integrated with Tesla servers which will automatically monitor the units and functionally create their own grid as more systems come online.

Both solar and nonrenewable sources of energy cost about .12c per Kilowatt hour but after the initial costs are recouped on the solar end, those costs drop to zero. Not only can you live off-grid and never have to worry about the electricity going out, you can re-sell the energy you don’t use back to the power company. The economics at this point are admittedly nebulous at this point because these units haven’t been installed en masse as of yet but the possibility of paying $3500 for a 10 kilowatt generator that will function for 20 years will prove too great of a temptation for consumers to ignore.

With both Aluminium and Graphene battery technology on the horizon that will revolutionize power consumption everywhere, Elon Musk is building fossil fuel’s casket. Imagine a world where utility poles and 50,000 miles of power lines vanish! That’s the future that American technological innovation can bring into this century while creating millions of jobs in the process.

Watch the announcement here:



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