A Ray Of Hope: Tesla Brings Solar Power To Children’s Hospital In Puerto Rico


More than a month after Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, much of the Island remains without electricity. That was unacceptable to Tesla founder Elon Musk, so he bought his solar technology to Hospital del Niño, a children’s hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The project was a coordinated effort between Tesla and Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello, and is state-of-the-art in every way. The technology is a combination of microgrid solar panels that work with Powerpacks to store energy.

“Tesla called it the “first of many solar+storage projects going live” in Puerto Rico,” Electrek reported.

According to Green Matters:

The hospital’s project will likely be the showcase to convince others that the microgrid solution is the best way to power Puerto Rico as the electric infrastructure continues to be rebuilt. Solar power and battery backup would also protect many areas from seeing such major impact from a hurricane or similar natural disaster again on the island. At the very least, any hospitals that don’t have reliable power would benefit greatly from Tesla’s solution.

Gov. Rossello has partnered with Tesla to bring the power of the sun to other parts of Puerto Rico, using microgrids throughout the Island. If things go according to plan, Puerto Rico has a future that will never again leave it’s 3.5 million residents powerless.

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