A Terrible Thing Happened In Belgium Today — Jim Wright SLAMS Ted Cruz, The WaPo And The Rest Of The Cowards

A terrible thing happened in Belgium today

It IS terrible, horrifying, the terrorists succeeded in murdering more than 30 innocent people and injuring hundreds more.

And even more terrible is that those terrorists achieved their REAL goal, they terrorized the world.

Predictably, here in America, the usual suspects, of course, of course, wasted no time in blaming the president. This is what they do. Fix blame, by reflex, and leap to wild suppositions without waiting for evidence, and then offer the usual solutions. Genocide. Torture. Bloody murder.

Here, behind our wall bristling with tanks and aircraft carriers and trillion dollar fighter jets and enough nuclear firepower to sterilize the globe, despite our vast military power, our hydra-like intelligence apparatus, our population armed with a hundred million guns, a couple of shitheads in suicide vests have STILL managed to make us terrified.

What power those few terrorists command. All our might, all our military, all our guns, and three men in suicide vests in a foreign land turn our bowels to water.

30,000 people die in America every year from gun violence, we snort dismissively, screw that, the price of freedom.

30,000 more die in car accidents, we shrug, so what? Are we gonna stop driving? Riiight.

800,000 Americans die of a preventable cardiovascular disease. So? We like trans-fat and pass me another piece of pie. 500,000 die of cancer every year and so what? Smoke ’em if you got ’em. YOLO, Baby.

50,000 Americans die from the flu, the flu, every year.

50,000 die from drug related overdoses – heroin alone killed 10,000 Americans last year.

50,000 Americans on average die by their own hand. Year in and year out, like clockwork.

Alcoholic liver disease killed 18,000 Americans last year.

AIDS kills 9,000 people each year on average in America. Outside of a few activists, nobody cares. Most Americans are more terrified of Ebola.

34 people died in Belgium and we Americans shit ourselves.

34 people died in Belgium and prominent Americans are now calling for internment camps and walls and carpet bombing and waterboarding and more goddamned guns.

Why is it that these same people never call for increased police patrols to secure Christian militias when THEY take up arms against America and threaten to shoot down the rest of us? Why is it that many of these same politicians openly supported those homegrown militant terrorists and continue to do so?

Why is it that the very first impulse from these people, always, is to blame the rest of us for the actions of a fanatical few in a foreign country most Americans couldn’t even find on a map?

Why is it, do you suppose, that these same people daily beat their chests in bluster and bombast, loudly proclaiming their strength and determination and manly courage and exceptional greatness … and their very first reflex to any setback every single goddamned time is to piss themselves? Why is that?

A terrible thing happened in Belgium today.


This op/ed originally appeared on Facebook. The only changes were for typographical errors. Check out Jim Wright’s great blog Stonekettle Station. All Copyrights are Jim’s. 

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Jim Wright is a retired US Navy Chief Warrant Officer and freelance writer. He lives in Alaska where he watches American politics in a perpetual state of amused disgust. He's been called the Tool of Satan, but he prefers to think of himself as the Devil's Designated Driver. He is the mind behind Stonekettle Station. You can email him at jim@stonekettle.com. You can follow him on Twitter @stonekettle, or you can join the boisterous bunch he hosts on Facebook at Facebook/Stonekettle. Remember to bring brownies and mind the white cat, he bites. Hard.

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