Ten Questions About Trump That His Supporters Never Seem To Answer.

Do you support Trump for President? Then please, answer these questions.

1. Does Trump act the way your momma raised you to do?


2. Is Trump a lying douche or a sexual predator?

Only losers make up stories in the locker room about their sexual escapades. Trump insists he never lies, and he’s always a winner. So either he’s a total douche for lying about groping women whenever he wanted, or he told the truth and he’s a sexual predator. Which is it?

3. Why are the Clinton’s evil and Trump’s are saints for doing the same things?

Trump and his supporters lambast Bill Clinton for his sex scandals, and Hillary for supporting her husband. In particular, they relentlessly attack Hillary for trying to discredit some of the women who made accusations against Bill. At the same time, Trump insists you ignore his sex scandals and admire his wife for standing by his side, while he relentlessly tries to discredit the women who have spoken out against him. Explain why the Clintons are wrong and the Trumps are right?

4. Why does Bill Clinton’s past matter? 

Bill Clinton isn’t running for President. He won’t be the President. He won’t do anything Presidential. So why does his past matter, especially in light of Melania’s background in porn?

5. Do you believe Trump because you like how it sounds, or because you verify that he’s correct?

Here’s just one example. Since 2002, white supremacists and right-wing extremists have killed more Americans on U.S. soil than Muslims and jihadists have. Refugees are already subjected to extreme vetting. When Trump claims that Muslim refugees pose a clear and present danger to Americans, he’s just plain wrong. Why do you believe him?

Here’s another example. Trump and his supporters claim that illegal immigrants, especially Latinos, take away your jobs, leach off the welfare system, steal your housing, and cost the American taxpayers billions. In fact, undocumented immigrants pay more into the system than they take away.  For example, they pay almost $12 billion into state and local income taxes, generally at a higher tax rate than the country’s top earners! They only constitute about 5% of the labor force, which is less than current unemployment. They are also paid lower wages than citizens, which is why citizens don’t take those jobs in the first place. Finally, studies claiming they take more welfare than citizens have all been debunked. In other words, all those claims are wrong. Why do you keep repeating them?

6. Do you believe Trump is a liar? 

Seven out of every 10 statements on which he is fact checked are false. So do you actually believe what he says?

7. How do you explain that the election is rigged?

Trump insists that if he loses, it will be because of a massive election conspiracy. In particular, he cites a Pew Research report that “approximately 24 million—one of every eight—voter registrations in the United States are no longer valid or are significantly inaccurate” as evidence of widespread voter fraud. Most of those errors are due to voters who moved or died. More importantly however, a comprehensive investigation of one billion ballots found exactly 31 ballots were fraudulent. There is absolutely no evidence for voter fraud in this country.

8. If you believe Trump will actually do everything he promises, how do you think will he accomplish it?

Trump says he will bring back high-paying jobs from abroad, radically build up the military, invest heavily in infrastructure, and deport all undocumented immigrants. This costs a huge amount of money: $12 to 15 trillion. Yet he promises to massively cut taxes, which would provide all the cash he needs to accomplish his goals. As a result, our debt would rise to 110% to 140% of our GDP. Now that could be avoided if our economy grows at an untenable 10% per year for the next decade. Trump already tried this on his Atlantic Casino empire and we know how that turned out. So, how is he going to do any of it, let alone all of it?

9. Why are all of Trump’s crimes and misdemeanors OK, but the unknown content of 30,000 of Hillary Clinton’s emails are the end of the world?

Trump has defrauded hundreds of American businesses and individuals out of billions of dollars, through scams, refusing to pay his bills, making business ventures that he was warned would fail, etc. His charitable foundation is under investigation and has paid fines for violating tax law. He is being sued for rape. He admitted to sexual assault. He destroyed evidence in lawsuits against him. He hires undocumented immigrants. He is verbally abusive and publicly harasses anyone who criticizes him. None of this matters to you? But you want to lock her up for the unknown content of some emails, for which no agency has even accused her of violating any laws?

10. Whenever Trump says “I have the most ______. Nobody has more ______ than me.” do you actually believe him?

It isn’t just “respect for women.”  Here’s a list of 30 other situations where he’s made this claim.

We look forward to your answers. Or, do the usual thing and bash Hillary instead.


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