Teacher Pens A Scathing Letter After GOP Governor Says “They’re In It For The Money”

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.

When the course of human events in Kentucky is written, there will be a small blurb about Governor Matt Bevin being the Tea Party Governor who tried to take Kentucky back in time about 100 years while trying to deny health care to the ignorant rubes who voted for him.

While most of the nation is blessedly ignorant of how truly evil this incorrigible reprobate is, the only thing they do need to know is that he is quite literally the dumbest governor in the country two years running. Matt specializes in taking photographs that make him look like the evil goon that he is. He makes videos of the Kentucky legislature where he walks through the empty halls wondering why nobody is working because he doesn’t know when the legislature is in session.

Yes, he is that stupid.

Of course you might look to the other Republican governors who busy themselves with lying and making poor people poorer like Scott Walker, Greg Abbott or even Paul LePage and you’d be correct that they are among the dumbest white men in government but if you’re looking for otherworldly imbecility, then nobody can touch Matt Bevin for sheer idiocy.

To appreciate how dastardly stupid Bevin is, you must know that he said Kentucky teachers are, “in it for the money” and that “public schools are a disaster.”

Bevin is a evangelical Christian who thinks that evolution is bullshit and that the world would be a much better place with God in the classroom. To that end, Bevin like liar Betsy DeVos wants to open as many charter schools as possible so they can get Jesus back in the classroom and science out. Republicans know that by starving public education of precious dollars that they will get government out of the education system by breaking it. Additionally their intent is to make students more ignorant because ignorance is what breeds Republicans.

Bevin’s remarks did not go unnoticed by at least one Kentucky teacher who penned a letter to the editor to address the governors slanderous lies and it is epic.

Gov. Matt Bevin, a fanatical proponent of charter schools in any form, responded angrily to educators across the state who opposed House Bill 520. He accused them of being opposed because their focus is on money, not their students.

How incredibly insulting.

Perhaps Bevin is unaware that countless educators across the state routinely spend their own dollars to feed hungry students at school events, pay for school supplies or buy Christmas presents for needy children. Judging by his comments, it seems unlikely that Bevin knows that countless educators serve as community volunteers, often spending their own dollars to buy sports equipment, tickets for trips or pizzas for a group dinner.

It is just as unlikely that he is aware that educators spend countless hours after school working at basketball games, chaperoning dances or volunteering for youth league sports.

I worked in public education for more than 22 years and have witnessed more acts of making kids’ lives better with no expectation of return or reward by teachers, staff and administrators than I could list. Bevin’s remarks are not only rude and offensive but also totally out of touch with reality. I am not sure which is worse.

Ernie Whisman Rogers

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