It Wasn’t An Election, It Was A Russian Coup D’Etat

“And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.”
—Revelation 18:2

“All empires fall, there are no exceptions.” Dorian Grey

It’s been 48 years since the last snake slithered into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and began filling the swamp with every brownshirt cryptonazi monster he could find. The idea being of course was to surround himself with incorrigible reprobates that would obscure the fact that the people chose the most crooked sewer-dwelling ratfucking fink to have ever seduced the body politic into voting for a pit viper. Nixon found every sycophantic brigand who fell into his orbit and the only qualifications needed for a cabinet position was fealty to fellow serpentines and absolute contempt for both democracy and the constitution.

His inner circle was full of knuckle-dragging derelicts that had the ethics of Colonel Kurtz in the Heart Of Darkness. Spiro Agnew was so absolutely corrupt that he was caught red-handed taking bribes in the Vice-President’s office. It wasn’t that he was taking the bribes that perturbed Nixon, it was that he was so criminally stupid that he got caught after serving 5 years as vice president.

Isn’t it endlessly amusing that Republicans always talk about ‘draining the swamp’ while they stock it with every brain-damaged degenerate monster they can fill it with?

Political strategist Lee Atwater was one of those monsters Nixon trained that Republicans revere for getting their patron saint Ronald Reagan into office. No man is prized more than one who delivers victory in war. Atwater knew this and make no mistake, we’re at war now only the invaders came through electronically and are busy destroying our democracy with much aid and assistance from the party of treason.

Every 4 years, every Republican political hopeful kneels before St. Reagan and speaks to the greatness of a traitor who had twice as many convicted felons in his cabinet than all the presidents combined. Reagan said he didn’t know anything about Iran/Contra which may have been true since he did have senile dementia but that’s not the point. Republicans’ lust for power would have a senile old man in charge of the nuclear codes rather than any Democrat. Reagan himself signed the Boland Amendment into law and quickly violated it because as Nixon said, “if the president does it, it’s not illegal.”

For all the bluff and bluster about Republicans loving the constitution, they sure wipe their asses with it an awful lot.

That’s the true evil of Nixon’s poison. He taught Republicans that it in the quest for victory, everything is fair, even treason. Nixon’s treason is well documented. As a candidate he contacted the Vietnamese and told them if they stalled the Paris Peace Accords until after the election that they’d get a better deal from him and they foolishly believed him which ended up costing between 2 and 4 million lives all over Southeast Asia and another 38,000 American lives. Nixon’s poison spilled into Dubya’s administration by that other Nixonian degenerate weasel who gave Agnew a run for the worst vice president in history.

Nobody blinked an eye when that crook Cheney outed a non-official covert CIA agent, not even Dubya whose father made it a federal offense if anyone did. Scooter Libby was justly convicted for his dastardly crime and Dubya promptly pardoned him because he valiantly fell on his sword to protect Cheney because he was pissed that Valerie Plames’ husband Joe Wilson didn’t fall in line with the WMD lie they were selling the world.

Nixon’s poison will flow into the Trump administration as well. Bush is counting down the days where he is considered the worst president in American history because besides being the swinish degenerate fop that the 45th president will be, he idolized the morally bankrupt hypocrite Roy Cohn who was finally disbarred for stealing money from one of his clients. Cohn was Joe McCarthy’s legal counsel who drummed up all the red-scare mania that spread like wildfire destroying the lives of innocent Americans far and wide. He persecuted homosexuals while he himself was a homosexual.

Cohn lied, cheated and stole his way into power by victimizing innocent people and so did Nixon. Look at what he did to Alger Hiss who Nixon took great pride in calling a spy which he wasn’t but that truth didn’t matter anymore than it does today in the Republican party. Nixon’s poison is marrow-deep in the party of treason but the real cancer that’s destroying our republic belongs solely to Ronald Reagan when he said,

“Government isn’t the solution to our problem, government is the problem.”

Republicans will never admit it publicly but in private, they hate FDR more than any other president in history. Since he implemented his New Deal policies, conservatives have done absolutely everything imaginable to gut both Medicare and Social Security. Nothing would please these cold-blooded smoothed-faced placid miscreants more than having your social-security-sucking-grandma eating cat food again. Reagan fulfilled his duty to the John Birch society and moved $1.2 trillion in the Social Security Trust Fund and moved it to the general fund which he promptly spent on space lasers and defense against the mighty Russian enemies.

The scripture written for that senile old man that ‘government is the problem’ has poisoned the minds of every single republican legislator in the entire country. This explains the motive behind Trump appointing every sycophantic goon imaginable to head the department which they want to destroy. This was no accident. This was by design.

This election was not simply rigged, it was a Coup D’État

 There are three very important questions every patriot in this land needs to be asking right now.

  1. What do we know?
  2. What do we think?
  3. What can we prove?

What we know is that on June 27th of this year, Trump asked Russia to commit acts of espionage against Hillary Clinton, on video.

We know that Trump had such a command of world events that he did not even know that Russia had invaded and taken Crimea which is Ukrainian territory. He is most certainly either a willing dupe or in league with Putin.

Let’s dispel several myths about Trump. Trump is wholly ignorant of world events, foreign policy and he does not even have a rudimentary understanding of how government works. He is 70-years-old. He is an obese man who does not exercise. His mental faculties are such that his opinion on any particular matter changes depending on who is in the room with him. He is a terminal liar.

In 2013, Trump has a relationship with Putin and he is very interested in what he’s doing at the time. He’s done a very brilliant job in Syria. He’s put himself at the forefront of leadership.

Perhaps even more disconcerting is that Friday night, after the CIA flatly stated Russian-backed hackers did in point of fact hack the DNC’s emails in order to elect Trump, Trump showed yet again that he is completely divorced from reality entirely with this whopping lie.

“These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction,” the statement read. “The election ended a long time ago in one of the biggest Electoral College victories in history. It’s now time to move on and ‘Make America Great Again.’”

Of the 58 presidential elections we’ve had in this country, Trump’s electoral victory ranks 46th. The President-Elect of the United States just attacked the premier intelligence agency in all the world, our Central Intelligence Agency in an effort to defend Russia’s corrupting our democracy.

It is no secret that Putin’s kleptocratic regime is among the most corrupt governments in world history. The former head of the KGB has sought to expand the Russian empire back to when it spanned 11 time zones. Putin is a thug who has murdered dissidents and journalists alike not just in Russia but in London and even the United States.

This is a photograph of both Jill Stein and Trump’s nominee for National Security Adviser General Mike Flynn having dinner with Vladimir Putin in Moscow. A gangster dictator Putin is but one thing is certain, he is not stupid. What possible reason would the most ethical Dr. Stein have for dining with a man like Putin? Why would Trump’s National Security Adviser be dining with Putin? Follow the money.

That’s where another interesting happenstance comes to light.

Before Putin decided to annex Crimea, there was another interesting but underreported story involving Exxon and Rosneft. Rosneft used to be owned by several Russian oligarchs that ended up, well, in prison. Now Rosneft is back under control of the Russian government. Exxon is the largest oil company in the world and the president of Exxon is a man by the name of Rex Tillerson. Rex Tillerson inked a deal with Rosneft that was worth half a trillion dollars.

Imagine for a moment that you’re Vladmir Putin. You have a $500 billion deal with the largest American oil company and you have a meddling American president who has effectively killed the largest deal ever through very effective sanctions, what would you do to get it back on track?

There’s an election coming up and you need to get someone a bit more agreeable to getting the deal back on track. Do you pick a candidate that’s going to keep the sanctions in place?

Naturally if you want your horse to win, you’re going to do everything you can to hamstring your enemy, in this case Hillary Clinton. So what’s the best way to hamstring her? As in chess, a multi-thronged attack. Get some accomplices would be the first order of business.

As they did in 2000, the Green Party is full of dupes that siphoned votes away from Gore. Back then, Republicans hated Russia and spent money on defense like we were still in the cold war. Putin and Russians do have long memories. So the only thing standing between you and a $500 billion deal is Hillary Clinton. Getting Moonbat Stein into your corner is child’s play for a man like Putin. Pump her full of flatteries and mention that Hillary is the lesser of two evils and let her run with it. At worst she confuses your enemy and at best, she makes it a close race in a close election. As the tallies show, Stein voters effectively elected Trump.

Any student of history knows that what tempted Benedict Arnold to live in infamy was that he was never recognized through promotion as the great military hero he was, until he tried to turn over West Point to the British in exchange for cash and promotion.

Then there’s General Mike Flynn. Flynn is a 3 star general whereas Generals Kelly and Mattis are both 4 star generals that will now answer to Flynn. In the military, 4 star generals don’t answer to 3 star generals, not ever. Flynn is a qualified lunatic who was fired by president Obama. He is wholly ignorant and completely divorced from reality which makes him aces with Trump. Here are some of his more idiotic and insane comments that in any polite society would have him in a rubber room with a Thorazine drip.

In a lengthy Washington Post Q&A this summer, he hinted this collaboration might mean backing down on criticisms of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and defended his paid appearances on RT by comparing the channel to CNN:

 WaPo: Why would you go on (Russia Today) RT, they’re state run?

Flynn: Well, what’s CNN?

WaPo: Well, it’s not run by the state. You’re rolling your eyes.

 Flynn: Well, what’s MSNBC? I mean, come on …

Truly General, come on you batshit loon. Or is he more of a subversive plant being groomed by Putin? Here’s Flynn tweeting fake news stories which claimed Hillary Clinton was running a pedophile sex ring which inspired yet another asylum-escapee to get out his boomstick and shoot up a pizza shop. The National Security Adviser is responsible  for informing the President of imminent security dangers. He is the first person the president speaks to when he wakes and the last one when he sleeps.  Both of these stories are fabricated lies. They are propaganda.

Putin of course knows the value of propaganda and seeing the National Security Adviser promulgating these flat-out lies should give us all pause but this video is even more revealing. It proves that Flynn like Paul Manafort is in Putin’s pocket.

Why do you think Republicans have told the same lies about the Iran deal?

It’s obvious that Republicans are really interested in being friends with Russia now. Imagine you’re Putin again and you’re not only sitting on a $500 billion deal and after that deal was signed, you discovered that there was another billion barrel oil field in Siberia. Russia produces as much oil as some OPEC nations. After Iran met the very stringent terms of the Iran deal, they were free again to start selling oil.

The price of oil plummeted in turn with a new glut of oil production to the relief of consumers far and wide but it did have one deleterious effect on domestic production. All the fracking wells and exploration went bust. Who’s bottom line did that impact the most? Charles and David Koch’s most obviously and of course Exxon.

The Kochs and Rex Tillerson are not men who think 20 years down the road, they think in quarterly earnings and cutting that money train might be good for the American people but it is most certainly terrible for quarterly earnings. Rex Tillerson has no diplomatic experience whatever. He has worked his entire adult life at Exxon. He has over $100 million in Exxon stock and he is about to be the Secretary of State. What are the chances that he will serve the interest of the people before his stock options? If you can find a bookie to take action on the Russian sanctions being lifted, mortgage your house and see what he’ll give you on your children.

The Koch’s hands are all over Trump’s administration. Oklahoma’s Attorney General is a dyed in the wool Koch whore. He has no interest whatever in protecting our environment because besides having absolutely no use for scientific evidence or science in general, Scott Pruitt is so servile to his patrons that he also believes that Climate Change is a hoax. Trump is nominating any and all critics of a particular government agency to head that agency and it isn’t because they are fans of labor or the environment. Their sole concern is tearing each agency down to unshackle companies from those pesky industries that can’t dump mercury and lead into our environment with impunity.

Trump voters have been hoodwinked, bamboozled and led astray by a bunch of incorrigible and talented hornswogglers the likes of which God has never seen. There is an even more troubling aspect to this dirty oil business and that if Trump succeeds in wrecking the Iran deal, he will not only please Putin by eliminating one of his competitors by implementing new sanctions but he will also find an excuse to start a war in the middle east which will increase the price of crude which will increase profits for both the Kochs and Exxon.

This wasn’t a rigged election, it was a Coup D’Etat by the billionaire mafiosos in the world who have no use whatever for democracy. For Vladimir Putin, you could not have orchestrated a better outcome.

Featured Image by Matthew Sullivan


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