Storm Clouds Brewing Over Russiagate In Virginia Courthouse

A source inside the Eastern District Court of Virginia has told us that there are US Marshalls in that courthouse and are keeping the public out at the direction of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Four judges have cleared their dockets which is a clear indication that something big is coming down the pipe. The speculation is that indictments for officials in the Trump campaign could be handed down as early as tomorrow.

If you haven’t been following Louise Mensch on Twitter, do it now because she reported the now breaking news that Paul Ryan knew about possible Russian money laundering a week ago.

The U.S. Marshals Service presented a plan to a senior Justice Department official yesterday for the service of warrants in the Trump-Russia inquiry, separate sources with links to the intelligence and law enforcement communities report.

The extensive plan was approved yesterday by a senior Justice Department official who is closely involved in prosecuting the case.

Sources say that the extensive plan, multiple pages in length, covered not only the serving of warrants, but logistical arrangements such as the closure of streets, if necessary.

They further report that while timing is uncertain, such plans are normally only presented and approved when arrests are imminent.


Claude Taylor also of Patribotics had an interesting tweet storm.


Whatever happens in the next two days, this is without question the Trump administration’s worst week and it’s about to get a lot worse with the appointment of Robert Mueller to be special counsel to investigate this administration.

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